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Marvel, Star Wars films to ditch Netflix for Disney service

Disney CEO Bob Iger confirms the popular franchises will be exclusive to the company's upcoming streaming service.

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Marvel Studios

Get your fill of Marvel movies on Netflix now. Starting in 2019, the only place you'll be able to stream Marvel or Star Wars movies will be Disney's own streaming service.

Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed the two hit film series will be exclusive to Disney's upcoming streaming service at a media conference in LA on Thursday, CNBC reports.

Disney's streaming platform will launch in 2019, and will have original Disney TV series and original Disney movies as part of the package as well. You'll also need to use the service to watch Disney-owned Pixar films.

Netflix will keep the original Marvel TV series it produced, namely "The Defenders" and the four series focusing on each character, such as "Daredevil." As the Defenders are officially part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you may need both streaming services to keep up to date with the whole shebang.

You'll still be able to watch Star Wars and Marvel movies on Netflix through the end of 2018, so enjoy them while you can.

Neither Disney nor Netflix immediately responded to a request for comment.