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Volume LXII
September 2008—June 2009


Allan, George.  A Functionalist Reinterpretation of Whitehead’s Metaphysics 327–54

Braeckman, Antoon.  The Moral Inevitability of the Enlightenment and the Precariousness of the Moment: Reading Kant’s What is Enlightenment? 285–306

Den Uyl, Douglas J. and Rasmussen, Douglas B. Liberalism in Retreat 875–908

Eberl, Jason T.  Potentiality, Possibility, and the Irreversibility of Death 61–77

Elton, Maria  Moral Sense and Natural Reason 79–110

Godlove, Terry F., Jr.  Poincaré, Kant, and the Scope of Mathematical Intuition 779–801

Goodfield, Eric.  The Sovereignty of the Metaphysical in Hegel’s Philosophy of Right 849–73

Goodman, Lenn E.  An Idea Is Not Something Mute Like a Picture on a Pad 591–631

Grange, Joseph.  The Generosity of the Good 111–21

Guevara, Daniel.  The Will as Practical Reason and the Problem of Akrasia 525–50

Johns, Christopher.  The Grounds of Right and Obligation in Leibniz and Hobbes 551–74

McLaughlin, Thomas J.  Nature and Inertia 251–84

O’Callaghan, John.  The Plurality of Forms: Now and Then 3–42

Peucker, Henning.  From Logic to the Person: An Introduction to Edmund Husserl’s Ethics 307–25

Rescher, Nicholas.  Fallacies Regarding Free Will 575–89

Seagrave, S. Adam.  Cicero, Aquinas, and Contemporary Issues in Natural Law Theory 491–523

Storck, Michael Hector.  Parts, Wholes, and Presence by Power A Response to Gordon P. Barnes 45–59

Sweeney, Michael J.  Aquinas on Limits to Political Responsibility for Virtue: A Comparison to Al-Farabi 819–47

von der Pfordten, Dietmar.  Absolute Identity/Unity 803–18

Wilson, Eric Entrican.  Kantian Autonomy and the Moral Self 355–81


Summaries and Comments 123–67, 383–446, 633–703, 909–56

Reviewer Index 169–70, 447–49, 705–08, 957–58

Recent Titles in Philosophy (2007–2008) 171–82

Recent Titles in Philosophy (2008–2009) 959–70


Philosophical Abstracts 183–210, 451–77, 709–40, 971–1006


Doctoral dissertations 211–32

Visiting professors 233–35

Retiring professors 238–40

ANNOUNCEMENTS 239, 479, 741, 1007


Armand A. Maurer (1915–2008).  By Timothy B. Noone 241–42

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