Welcome to the Artificial Network, Neon Sky for short, a showcase for Lucien's active site projects (the layout is temporary, up until I make one I'm completely happy with :p).
Enjoy your visit. <3
Neon Sky
My network headquarters where I showcase all my active sites and present new projects; the site was first opened in 2013, closed and reopened in 2016.

Lucien / Established on October 2013
Hosted by Stars.bz

Hakanai Designs
My main graphics site offering ani-manga designs, headers, desktop wallpapers and site names; the site name was first used in 2009 for my 1st graphics site ever.

Lucien / Established on January 2016
Hosted by Geek Storage

Enigmatic Icons
My small icon archive, showcasing all my ani-manga icons; it's also a dumpster for all icon-related resources (namely bases and icon textures :p).

Lucien / Established on April 2015
Hosted by Stablehost.com

I ♥ Boys
My yaoi and slash graphics dump; any more or less explicit slash and yaoi fandoms-themed design, header and icon 100x100 is visible/available on I♥Boys.

Lucien / Established on December 2016
Hosted by Luminoscity

My graphics site for all the stock, celebrities and all the non-anime works in general; the site offers designs, icons, renders, headers and more.

Lucien / Established on September 2014
Hosted by Namecheap.com

My blogging site where I talk about anime, manga, yaoi, movies, computers and any life event that strikes my fancy or gets me in any kind of mood.

Lucien / Established on November 2016
Hosted by Host Mantis

Stars City Designs
My webstore providing all kind of designs, graphics and services at cheap prices for beginners and/or simply my fellow anime sites owners out there.

Lucien / Established on July 2016
Hosted by Buy Shared