Truesilver Breastplate Set


Truesilver Breastplate Set

Armor Type: Plate
Level Req.: 70 for the first two sets, 90 for the third
Source: Multiple difference sources
Availability: Challenging to obtain
3D Model: Wowhead Link

How to get the set:

We’ve compiled three outfits for this article, all of which are based on the Truesilver Breastplate.

The first outfit focuses on the blacksmith-crafted Truesilver items, the second utilises items from the incomplete recolour of Paladin Tier 5, and the third displays the matching pieces for the Cloudkeeper Legplates.

Note that the second and third sets only list the items which differ from the first set.

Truesilver (Human):

HeadGlorious Headdress (BoE world drop)
ShouldersPauldrons of the Argent Sentinel (BoP drop from Serpentshrine Cavern)
ChestTruesilver Breastplate (BoE crafted by Blacksmiths of 265+ skill)
HandsTruesilver Gauntlets (BoE crafted by Blacksmiths of 245+ skill)
WaistGirdle of the Dawn (BoE crafted by Blacksmiths of 290+ skill with Plans: Girdle of the Dawn)
LegsCloudkeeper Legplates (BoE world drop)
FeetRunic Plate Boots (BoE crafted by Blacksmiths of 290+ skill with Plans: Runic Plate Boots)

Two-Handed SwordTruesilver Champion (BoE crafted by Blacksmiths of 285+ skill)

Crystalforge Recolour (Blood Elf Female):

BackGray Hair Cloak (Vendor purchase at the cost of 1250 Justice Points)
HandsGlorious Gauntlets of Crestfall (BoP drop from Serpentshrine Cavern)
WaistReplica Belt of Valor (BoE purchase at the cost of 55 Darkmoon Prize Tickets from Barum on Darkmoon Island)
LegsImperial Plate Leggings (BoE crafted by Blacksmiths of 300+ skill)
FeetBlue’s Greaves of the Righteous Guardian (Vendor purchase at the cost of 390 Justice Points)

Two-Handed AxeGhostly Battle Axe (BoE world drop from Outland zones/instances)

Cloudkeeper Legplates (Blood Elf Male):

HandsGloves of the Dawn (BoE crafted by Blacksmiths of 300+ skill)
FeetBoots of the Fallen Hero (BoP drop from The Bug Trio in the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj)

One-Handed SwordScimitar of Seven Stars (BoP drop from Amber-Shaper Un’sok in normal-mode Heart of Fear)
ShieldFormidable Crest (BoE world drop)

Partial Recolour:

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18 Responses to “Truesilver Breastplate Set”

  1. Kellz says:

    Here’s the set that I built around the Cloudkeeper Leggings

  2. Chris says:

    The Twinblade of the Phoenix would be nice here as well.

  3. Bosco says:

    Here is what my set looks like:

  4. Onyxxi says:

    I got the legs off the AH and built around it. Assessa – Sargeras. I used the scimitar from Elegon and Zom’s Crackling Bulwark for weapon / shield. I was able to find a blacksmith with all the patterns for the set but still need to get some different shoulders as Pauldrons of Edward the Odd don’t really mix well. IMO those are the most rockin weapon shield combo.

  5. will says:

    Anyone know any staffs for this set?

    • Onyxxi says:

      Key to the planes looks like it matches well. But I would have to go with the one that drops in Scarlet Monastery off the last boss.

  6. Vagara says:

    Saw the cloud keeper pants in the ah for 100g….. after i bought mine last month for 3.5k… needless to say i bought them and re-listed them. if they dont sell willing to trade for Glorious Headdress Glorious Legplates or Glorious Shoulder Pads Argent Dawn server

  7. Elynthia says:

    Well….I found out this recipe via 5.2 was removed from an oldschool blacksmiths list….he said he had it but now it’s gone can you verify this for me?

    Best regards,

  8. Elynthia says:

    Any good shields to go with this set? I would greatly appriacate the help been searching for days on wowhead and can’t find a good shield!!!! :/

  9. Zher Rant says:

    Full truesilver set on thorium brotherhood, MSG rhanetanahhn

  10. Valielina says:

    I finally have my legplates! So excited, but what a pain it has been getting the other items. If anyone on AREA 52 has the plans for the arms and waist let me know :D

  11. Chris says:

    As of 4.0, the plans for Truesilver Breastplate are no longer obtainable…so pray to the gods that someone on your server knows it already.

  12. Kaylena says:

    i thinks im partial to the 1st set :)

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