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Yup, vsphere installation bundle (VIB) is a collection of files to make up an install. Perhaps a driver from a vendor. Vibs are then put together in collections to form software bundles either online accessed via Web or offline which are downloaded locally. You can for example download a offline bundle for esxi, get a driver vib and use image builder cmdlets to create a customised offline bundle for your later use.

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Or you can use ESXi-Customizer-PS to create fully customized ISO images with all the drivers you need baked right in. It's great for setting up whiteboxes in particular because you can get unsupported NICs working and actually install ESXi. Obviously not something you'd want to do in a production environment but I was certainly happy to use cheap NICs on my home lab.

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As I recall, the offline bundle is a zip of all the vibs. I think it's mostly used for building your own installation bundle using imagebuilder (part of power CLI)

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I noticed that some drivers come as a .vib and in an offline bundle as .zip. Does it matter which route I take when installing (i.e. manual driver update)?

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Not completely my area of expertise but I think use the vib. If you were using image builder you could use the zip to put the driver in to the image, and then burn an ISO from it. That is how vendors build OEM versions of ESXi with drivers not in the standard release.

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If I recall correctly, you can install the driver vib directly using esxcli. However if you wanted to use Update Manager, Image Builder etc. the driver needs to form part of a bundle.

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The zip would probably be for VUM (VMware update manager).

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An offline bundle is a collection of VIBs.

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On the ESXi Community Packaging Tools page you will find nice detailed information about VIB files and Offline Bundles, plus the tools to create your own.