Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Avago (formerly LSI) Controller and Expander Infos / Useful storcli Commands

I was searching for a way to find out the FW Version of my attached SAS Expander, without using the provided Tool by Supermicro. (The Windows Tool wouldnt work under Windows Server 2012R2 and the Linux Tool needed rpm and a Boot from a live CD/Second OS)

Instead i searched for a solution which was usuable in Windows and preferably needed no Installation. I searched through the interwebz but didnt find anyhting suiting my requirements.
The MegaRAID Storage Manager (GUI) by LSI is nice and fulfills some Needs, but also wont show the Eclosure FW, which i was searching for.
Close at Hand was the command Line Tool provided by LSI "storcli.exe".
The Documentation by LSI is a bit cryptical. I tried some commands, but wasnt very successfull on my first tries. But i did some further inquiries and finally found, what I was looking for. You will see, that storcli.exe also provides a way deeper view into the Details of your LSI RAID/HBA Controller and its attached Drives/BBU/Expander.

Ill write down the most useful commands here. They are all only to SHOW Configurations or Details and will NOT CHANGE anyhting.

Still i want to state out, that the following commands are provided as a private Information mainly for myself and i wont take over any responsibility for any damage or harm done. Make yourself familiar with the Documentation by LSI/Avago for Details.

>storcli show all

>storcli /c0 show all
(c0 is the Controller Number shown in the former Command)
Generating detailed summary of the Adapter, incl. Model, Serial Number, Firmware Version, Driver Version, Status, Supported Adapter Operations, Defaults, Capabilities

>storcli /c0/e8 show all
(e8 is the Enclosure Number you got from the former command)
Shows Enclosure Type, Vendor, Product Identification, Product Revision, Fans, Firmware,

>storcli /c0/cv show all
(c0 is the Controller 0 and /cv is the CacheVault Module)
Shows the CacheVault Info, including Capacity, Temperature and Firmware Version

Another interesting Point is to check the SMART Values and Details incl. Serial Number of the used HDDs.
Unfortunately storcli only Shows a Table of Hex Data. I am searching for a easy way to Show this as well.

Some useful Links:
MegaCLI Commands to StorCLI Command Conversion:

I will expand this Article as soon, as i find some more useful Commands.

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  1. storcli /c0 /eall /sall show all
    shows the serials of your harddrives