The Bitcoin Stick. Like cash in hand, physically pass it along multiple times. Anonymous. Trust no one. Accept safely offline.

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    Jun 15
    , , and 7 others
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    When you finally realize the power of !

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    bitcoin - Where is the bitcoin?

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    Got my stick. The color should be pink, like an old school piggy bank, "break" it to get your coins.

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    Real Bitcoin cash arrived.

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    Now that we have this, please bring some love to our missing out Bitcoiners and Litecoiners in China, so that they'll regain Crypto freedom!

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    Sep 26
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    Sep 26

    Look what just arrived in the mail... Opendime V3

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    Sep 26

    If bitcoin succeeds at being sovereign, we succeed at building solutions of top of it. Any other way, we rather go do something else.

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    Sep 26

    By the way, thanks for all you're doing in favour of decentralisation and against B2X. We need more entrepreneurs like you!

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    Sep 26

    Nice! check this out! mark my words, litecoin will be 100$ + soon! Buy and enter this !

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    Sep 26
    Replying to

    Just fresh off the mail! I'm gonna load one with precious mBTCs, and offer it for a friend's birthday!

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    Sep 26
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    Sep 26

    That's what I used my first one for. Felt great to load and hand off. He was hype!

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    Sep 26
    Replying to

    Those things don't just carry bitcoin, they also carry crypto-swag!

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    Sep 26
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    Sep 26
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    Sep 26

    Now all they need is on the show to really kick up a notch their Cypherpunkness. 🤓😎

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    Sep 26

    These sticks are a way to convert the Litecoin into a physical cypherpunk fallout money stick. It's great for gifting Litecoin to someone.

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    Sep 26

    We’ll be doing a video on this.

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