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Damned If u do,Bored If u dont. Fan of: vi, bitcoin, cypherpunk, hardware, outdoors, portaging,HAM:VE3NAK & making things:

Toronto, Canada
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    Jun 3

    Damn. I guess you can no longer call an nerdy obscure obsession. (Chart via Reddit)

  2. 23m

    The Curious Case of Bitcoin’s “Moby Dick” Spam and the Miners That Confirmed It via

  3. 1h

    15x more 🇨🇦 Core 0.15 nodes than btc1/B2X. Even BCash has 5x more 🇨🇦 nodes than B2X lol.

  4. 1h

    When you finally realize the power of !

  5. 1h
  6. 2h

    "There is no public space in America more open to diverse opinions than our college campuses." -Forbes

  7. 5h

    Got my stick. The color should be pink, like an old school piggy bank, "break" it to get your coins.

  8. 9h

    Brings this Medawar quote to mind: "The intensity of the conviction that a hypothesis is true has no bearing on whether it is true or not."

  9. 7h
    Replying to and

    If no new companies are coming out to support this code then you don't have consensus. So a shrinking list means you don't.

  10. 8h
  11. 13h

    As a Bitcoin investor, do you support the 2X November hard-fork proposal?

  12. 10h

    This was my previous tweets on why I am against the Segwit2x hardfork in November.

  13. 13h

    Video uncovering B2X design process leaked.

  14. 11h

    SegWit2X code base is a disaster. RU going to trust your wealth to this "[WIP]Rebase to Bitcoin Core 0.15 by jgarzik"

  15. 11h

    telling how out of touch NYA businesses are w/ their loyal user base. NYA would drive me to use & support every alternative service

  16. 11h
  17. 11h

    You are free to think what ever you want out of Core, but if you don't have enough brains to replace them, STFU.

  18. 11h

    Even the US gov. put up w/ what they would consider "non military less than ideal deviant scientists" for the Manhattan project.

  19. 11h

    No devs, no security, no decentralized money. Miners can be replaced, PoW change is not that hard.

  20. 11h
  21. 15h

    Bitcoin design choices matter.

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