ET-312 Firmware Upgrade 1.6

This is an archival post from our original site, placed here for posterity. This is NOT a new update for the current ET-312B. 

This page contains the latest maintenance firmware update from ErosTek for a select number of ET-312s sold in May through July 2004. In order to use this upgrade, you must have an ErosLink serial cable, a Windows PC or virtual machine, access to the HyperTerminal program (under Start > Programs > Communications) and be able to follow the directions contained in the Upgrade Instructions file.For OS X users, please follow the instructions sent regarding use of the shareware application ZTerm.

This upgrade will ONLY work with units having a copyright of ’03 and firmware version 1.5 and is designed to cure the “Failure 77” errors that some users have experienced.

Your ET-312 should show the following screens during startup in order to use this upgrade:

(c) ’03 ErosTek
• • • • • • • • • • •

ErosTek ET-312B
SelfTest OK V1.5

Note: the copyright (c) must show ’03 and version = V1.5

This upgrade does not add any additional features or functionality to the ET-312B.


  1. Download the instructions (.pdf)
  2. Download the upgrade file (.upg)
  3. Print out and follow the instructions

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