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  1. Sep 17
    Replying to

    this is in response to a recent reddiit post..

  2. Sep 17

    Please do not spread fake news! Electrum 3.0 is not released yet. ETA is about two weeks.

  3. Retweeted
    Sep 9

    Light Clients during the Interfork Period of 2017 at with Thomas Voegtlin from

  4. Aug 23

    Merry Segwit! The next major release of Electrum will support segwit transactions (currently available on testnet)

  5. Retweeted
    Aug 17

    On second thought, I'm changing my mind: what just did *is* fraud. They need to take down their "segwit" upgrade post immediately.

  6. Aug 5

    Incompatibilities between BIP39 wallets will only become worse in the future. If you use Electrum, move your coins to an Electrum seed.

  7. Aug 3
    Replying to

    Note that the fork is not visible anymore in Electrum, because BCC difficulty has been updated (which is incompatible with that of Bitcoin)

  8. Aug 3

    New release: Electrum 2.9.2

  9. Aug 2

    Multisig is broken in Electron Cash, because they enabled Testnet Segwit code that never had multisig support...

  10. Aug 1

    Rare pic of a hard fork before difficulty readjustment

  11. Aug 1
    Replying to

    ... to prevent that, disable auto-connect if you use Electron Cash.

  12. Aug 1

    It seems a BCC Electrum server that returns a peer list poisoned with BTC servers can cause Electron Cash clients to switch to the BTC chain

  13. Jul 31

    Recommendation on how to redeem Bitcoin Cash:

  14. Jul 31

    Do not use Electrum and "Electron Cash" on the same machine. Empty your BTC wallet before you enter your seed/privkey in "Electrum Cash"

  15. Jul 31

    WARNING: "Jonald Fyookball", who distributes and signs the "Electron Cash" binaries, is not a real-world identity.

  16. Jul 31

    WARNING: "Electron Cash" will copy all your Electrum wallets to its own directory, and their binaries are anonymous:

  17. Jul 31

    If you plan to redeem your "Bitcoin Cash" tokens, secure your Bitcoins first! See

  18. Retweeted
    Jul 27

    Sneaky: if you install with default options on a machine running Core, it will corrupt your Core install.

  19. Jul 27
  20. Jul 26

    Statement regarding Bitcoin Cash and Electrum

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