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  3. Sep 27
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    Now who's a fraud you son of a bitch.

  4. Sep 26
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    2) As any good businessman, I stick to my word / signature and would have followed through with 2x but I cannot without replay protection.

  5. Sep 20

    Except for the zero sum comment, the author makes some good points: juvenile fighting, the HF printing press, etc.

  6. Sep 17
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    I think is aware of but making a point.

  7. Sep 16

    Bitcoin in the Browser: Google, Apple and More to Adopt Crypto-Compatible API

  8. Sep 16

    Oh gosh, this meme cracks me up. Poor newbies think we're pychotic, lol.

  9. Sep 16

    Thoughtful article. There's a world of difference between a digital currency and a decentralized cryptocurrency which isn't meant for TTP's.

  10. Sep 15

    Maybe Skynet was more subtle than we thought. The machines have plenty of time to wait out our stupidity.

  11. Sep 15

    I just can't help it! I told myself I had invested enough in , time to cool off. But I need my fix. Must .. buy .. mooore!

  12. Sep 14
  13. Sep 12
  14. Sep 12

    Jamie, you're a great boss and the GOAT bank CEO. You're not a trader or tech entrepreneur. Please, STFU about trading .

  15. Sep 10

    2017 is 69% complete, we still haven't seen any viable production private/closed blockchain use cases. I'll be collecting on many bets 🙂

  16. Sep 8

    money stolen from civil asset forfeiture being used for catering. Asset forfeiture needs to end and I'll continue to fight for reform.

  17. Sep 9

    This interpreter is the only good thing about .

  18. Sep 9

    What's funnier: Hackers thinking they'll get 600 BTC or executives cashing out $18 mln in stock?

  19. Sep 8

    "users can be centrally enrolled and screened for compliance." Hmm.. smells like legacy finance.

  20. Sep 6

    In today's news: is dead! Long live !

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