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Building a new economy, one bit at a time. Bitcoin broker and advisor. Opinions are my own.

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  1. 12m

    After S2X fails, people who take its promoters seriously will not be taken seriously.

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    Evidence show 6-7 mining pools collided to disrupt Bitcoin network to increase fees (their income)

  3. 16h

    Progression: Biased because stupid and ignorant -> Slightly unbiased, open to ideas because learning -> Biased because now you know.

  4. 22h

    Yes, Twitter is getting worse but there's nothing out there that's 10x better.

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    Sep 27

    I've decided to make hats. Sorry , hats will be delayed a bit.

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    Sep 26

    Some 2x folk believe that come November, Bitcoin Core contributors will start working on a project they don’t believe in. It ain’t so.

  7. Sep 26
    Replying to

    Others simply don't get it and want to fix what's not broken. That's fine, time teaches those who want to learn.

  8. Sep 26

    Keep in mind that some "industry folk", who don't seem to understand Bitcoin, understand it well and want to change the way it works.

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    Sep 26

    The Bitcoin Standard by is an excellent treatise on sound money principles. Very Ron Paul-esque & no bullshit NNT styled prose.

  10. Sep 25

    One day in Prince George, BC.

  11. Sep 23

    805 transactions in my mempool. Bitcoin must have died.

  12. Sep 23

    is creating discord even in Putin's "power vertical".

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    Sep 22

    Evolve launching Canada's first Bitcoin ETF

  14. Sep 22

    It looks like each coming year will be bigger and more fascinating. Things will never be boring.

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  16. Sep 21
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    Sep 21

    Looks like Russia smells an opportunity in China's misstep.

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    Sep 20

    Hyperbitcoinization, it's happening. And there is nothing you can do to stop it.

  19. Sep 20

    Segwit2X: the broken agreement by

  20. Sep 20

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