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WeEf's Lotto-, Keno- and EuroMillions-wheels

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The wheels presented here have been established with utmost care. Due to the vast number of figures it is, however, possible that mistakes have occurred for which no liability can be accepted. The wheels are free for personal use only and any use in commercial manner is prohibited without permission by the authors.

Those who can improve the wheels published here or would like to put systems presently not available at our disposal are invited to do so by e-mail. It goes without saying that the provider will be named as the author. We would like to specifically point out that for legal reasons only systems developed by the provider himself can be introduced.

Recently I have received inverse systems from various people that appear to be copies of systems available on the LaJolla Covering Repository. I have therefore decided to remove these systems from the overview. People interested in t=m systems with t<=8, k<=25 and v<=99 are referred to :


How to use

The marking 6406 for example means that a guarantee for 4 if 6 in the total system numbers played is given. If a system with 24 numbers is being played and there are 6 scores in those numbers, a score of 4 correct is also guaranteed. Incidentally all wheels consist of placeholder numbers, i. e. they can be converted into real numbers.
In this case attention should be paid to the fact that each placeholder is always converted into the same real number. For this conversion free of charge tools exist, likewise for the calculation of winnings etc. If the system-group is 7-digit, this means that the guarantee percentage as mentioned before is included. Example: 3306090 = 3 if 3 at 90 % (or more).
This way a vast number or rows can be saved, however, in spite of the respective number of score you can end up empty handed.

Here is an extract:
The system is self-explanatory. By clicking on "download" the wheel can be viewed or downloaded.

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