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  • a wealth of experience

    "Teal has such a wealth of experience and wisdom. I feel like she can relate to people in a way that not everyone has the depth to. And that was one of the most healing experiences for me - to have someone understand what I have been through in my own life, validate how I was feeling, support me, that it was ok to feel the way I feel about it and also give some wisdom about how to heal from it. And it really changed my life - right now I feel a lot more capable and confident as a human being. So, thank you!" (Workshop Attendee)
    Alexia Fast
    Canadian Movie Actress
    (Jack Reacher,
    The Captive,
    Tripel dog)

    healed because of Teal Swan

    "Your timing for each video has been BANG ON for me. Since Sept. 1st 2015, without one single exception you have just demonstrated every thing that went inside me. I am healed because of you, Teal Swan: The Spiritual Catalyst. Someday, if you need me TRUST ME I will be there for you.
    How do you get the timings so right for my life, Teal? I love you beyond the definition of love!" [Facebook post]
    Komal Jha
    Indian Movie Actress
    and Writer

    dedication to humanity

    "She has helped me more than I can ever put into words - how to understand myself, the human condition and the concept of the existence of the universal energies. Considering I was coming from an atheist, “non-feeling” background this was a challenging transition.
    Who Teal Swan is as a person inspires me beyond measure. Her courage, bravery, honesty, integrity, transparency and most of all her love for and dedication to humanity cannot be matched to anyone I have ever known. From my perspective, the highest virtue of Teal Swan is Teal Swan herself."
    Dr. Ivana Dzeletovic
    Harvard Graduate
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