Identity Evropa Drops Banners in Atlanta, GA

By Identity Evropa

September 26, 2017

Identity Evropa is the fastest growing Identitarian organization in North America and has active chapters in every major metropolitan area in the United States. Today, our activists dropped multiple banners across the city of Atlanta to warn the public about statements from both the White House and Congress regarding Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

On Sunday's Meet The Press, House Democrat Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi stated that President Trump pledged his support for “a pathway to citizenship” for the nearly 1 million illegal aliens covered under the so-called “Dream Act.”

Any federal action short of deportation is unconstitutional and illegal. Not only does it amount to amnesty for illegal aliens, but also their extended families, potentially through chain migration.

Identity Evropa endorses a US immigration policy that ensures secure borders, net neutral immigration, and favors high achieving immigrants of European descent. If the United States does not take these steps, our country will continue to fall victim to the largest demographic shift in history, forever changing the character and quality of our nation.

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