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Give $18


Join the Give $18 movement!  We are seeking 1000 people to help us raise $18,000 to feed our aged, donated, and Feed Lot Rescues that are making equestrian dreams come true for our troops, veterans, and their families!

R4 AllianceR4 Alliance

Horses 4 Heroes is a proud member of R4 Alliance, a collaboration of programs of excellence providing therapeutic and community-based Recreation services and affiliate programs providing educational and career services to Our Military Family. R4 is focused and committed to achieving the highest quality services through collaborative efforts in Research, education, standards of excellence, economic viability, and continuum of care across our service community. We believe these services are essential to the holistic Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Our Military Family.


Patriots’ Parade

Support the Living by Honoring the Fallen with a personal summit at www.patriotsparade.org. Read more about the upcoming event.



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Your donation of $5, $10 or $25 will help us do more amazing things for families and individuals in our communities!

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