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"firmitas, utilitas, venustas" Execution is Key


Every company needs a great set of software applications. We can provide you the best of breed in terms of productivity, code quality and product life cycle, user experience, efficient processes, team formation. Get to know some of our clients.

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"Genius is the gold in the mine; talent is the miner who works and brings it out."

Lady Blessington

Codeminer 42 is a Brazilian software boutique focused in delivering the best value for its customers. We started the operation at September of 2011 and so far we have expanded to 7 different cities in Brazil with the best professionals we can find.

Our speciality is Ruby on Rails web development and it's surrounding ecosystem - that includes cutting edge new technologies -, we are very experienced in delivering all kinds of tech products such as e-commerce, e-learning, social networks, content management systems, processes automation.

We have worked for small and big companies, we offer an assortment of services that goes from greenfield project development life cycle, legacy projects rescue, nearshore outsourcing, and so on.

If you want to have not only a great web application in production but also improve your software development processes and quality assurance, we can help.

What we do


We help you organize a team of developers that will work using established Agile best practices towards project management.

Sometimes it's just not possible to have a closed scope to start implementing. Dynamic businesses have changing requirements all the time. The best way to tackle this scenario is to use Agile practices where we start implement what's known to be the most important features first, divide the time in fixed periods - called sprints - and report back at the end of every sprint to have enough feedback to plan for a new sprint. This way you have control over the development velocity, you have what's most important delivered as soon as possible, and have the flexibility to change course to adapt to your business needs.

Ideal for medium to long projects or ongoing operations.

Technical Assessment

You have a big operation and want to make sure you're using the best practices.

This is specially useful to understand how your internal software development processes and outcomes are. The idea behind a technical assessment is to give you enough information so you understand it's life cycle, productivity levels, quality levels of the software being produced, and recommendation on how to improve.

Companies that maintain their own software.

Project Rescue

You want to bring health back to your product.

You already have source code implemented either already in production or not, but you're insecure if it's done in a safe, quality, and/or scalable way and you need to make sure you can keep adding new features and growing your userbase without unfortunate surprises. We can fix your project and bring it back to life.

Companies that are terminating with another 3rd party and need a reliable partnership.

Who we are

We are miners.

Deliver value in any project is a very hard process. As software developers we strive to deliver not only well written code, but code that delivers real value to each client.

It's not good enough to just be concerned with code for code's sake, but to deliver code that solves real problems and delivers real value. And this is the mission that we, as miners, will keep digging deeper to achieve.

Visit us

São Paulo

+55 11 3729 1422
Rua Demóstenes, 956, Campo Belo
São Paulo - SP - Brasil - CEP 04614-014


Av. Dr. Romeu Tórtima, 240 - Loja 2 - Jardim Santa Genebra II
Campinas - SP - Brasil - CEP 13084-791

Novo Hamburgo

Av. Pedro Adams Filho, 5573 - Ed. Fin-Hab, Sala 1006 - Centro
Novo Hamburgo - RS - Brasil - CEP 93510-135


Av. Amintas Barros, 3700 - Corporate Tower Center, Salas 1807/1808/1809B - Lagoa Nova
Natal - RN - Brasil - CEP 59075-250


Rua José Maria Barbosa, 31 - Ed. Torre Sul, Sala 87 - Jardim Portal da Colina
Sorocaba - SP - Brasil - CEP 18047-380


Av. Jockey Clube, 299 - Ed. Euro Business, Sala 1409 - Joquei Clube
Teresina - PI - Brasil - CEP 64049-240


Av. São Francisco de Assis, 647 - Centro Comercial Mariah, Sala 09 - Jundiaí
Anápolis - GO - Brasil - CEP 75110-810


Av. T-10, 208 - Ed. New Times Square, Sala 802 - Setor Bueno
Goiânia - GO - Brasil - CEP 74223-060


Rua Professor Leandro Cavalcanti da Silva Guimarães Jr, 85 - Simara
Batatais - SP - Brasil - CEP 14300-000


Avenida Verereador Rubéns Siqueira Ribas, 3171 - Santa Cruz
Guarapuava - PR - Brasil - CEP 85015-080