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Browser tab management, by taking advantage of People

This is the story and walk-thru of how I resolved a lingering bad browsing habit using the People feature in Google Chrome. Workspace Preference Some people prefer working on a desk that looks like it has never been used. For me, a bit of clutter can be helpful for focusing. Just like coffee, white noise, or glasses. […]

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Creating Contagious Happiness

A blend of rich minds assemple on Twitter every Tuesday at 11am for a discussion hosted by @ChicagoIdeas. Mick Ebeling of Not Impossible Labs broke from 3D printing for humanity and joined us as a co-host this past Tuesday. He led a discussion on “Help One, Help Many.” Of the customary five questions proposed throughout the #ideaschat […]

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Yossarian. The Curious Search Engine.

Fast Company, this week, published an interesting article about a new search engine called, Yossarian. It’s promise is that it can make you more creative. But the diagram below the headline was more eye-catching than the click-baity hook! Instead of returning results matching your search phrase, Yossarian returns metaphors. It tries to counteract group-think/ filter […]

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