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Tread Lightly and Ford Offer Mobile App – Fishing, Camping, More

Tread Lightly! has re-established a relationship with Ford Motor Company through a special partnership with American Park Network—who just launched the free Oh, Ranger! ParkFinder™ app. The app allows users to easily find parks and public lands throughout America, based on their favorite activities. It has been made free through sponsorship from the 2011 Ford Explorer. To download the Oh, Ranger! ParkFinder™ app, visit the iTunes App store.

Hiking Report – Stoneflies Are In The Air

Sunlight fading fast to the west, casting lengthening shadowsMy son and I went for a hike Yesterday afternoon in the Round Valley Recreation Area. He’s not quite three and a half years young yet and so far he much prefers the freedom of exploring while walking through the woods over the confinement of a fishing boat. I’m interested to see how this sentiment changes, or remains the same, as life goes on. Starting from the fishing parking lot, we dodged dog poop on our way across the dike walkway separating the swimming pond from the main reservoir. I was struck by how different the water levels are in these adjoining bodies of water, with the swimming area appearing to be at full capacity the main reservoir still down ~6feet.

Though it was sunny, the gusty Southwest winds kept our coats zipped up and the emergency warning beacons busy. I used to flyfish a lot when I lived in Colorado and as I walked through a swarm of insects, I remembered reading that, “Spring stonefly hatches usually occur on warm, sunny afternoons just before dusk”. The wind was blowing the Stoneflies out of the woods into the reservoir and I’d be shocked if the trout were not taking advantage of these tasty morsels, Where’s my fly rod when I need it?!

April stonefly at Round Valley Reservoir

The trail we took pretty much hugs the shoreline. We asked every shore fisherman we saw if they were catching anything and unfortunately no one was, though everyone was in good spirits and optimistic about the bite turning on at dusk. About half way to the first cove, we walked down to the water where there were no fishermen and we skipped stones, threw rocks, found freshwater clam shells, snail shells, a partially oxidized fishing lure and what appears to be a homemade cork bobber. If you look close you can see white paint on the side opposite the metal eyelette.


At this point we were getting cold and tired so we headed back. Though it’s still windy today I suggest getting out and taking a hike at Round Valley Recreation Area. You never know what you are going to find, just watch out for the dog poop!