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April LOTM – The Binsky by Fish Sense Lures

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All emails have been sent and this month’s giveaway is now closed. I want to congratulate Mike, STEVEO, Kevin and B.Tardo for all winning Binsky Blade Baits!

I am an avid Bass fisherman but first and foremost I am a fisherman. Unfortunately, being here in New Jersey, the winters can be brutal and brings ice to pretty much all my regular fishing holes. For the past few years instead of residing myself to the indoors and thumbing through fishing catalogs creating wish lists I have turned my attention to Round Valley and its abundant lake trout fishery. It is an interesting change of pace from my normal fishing quests during the year. The RV trips were so rewarding it even enticed some of my fair-weather fishing buddies to join the fun.

The lure of choice is The Binsky,a lure made by Fish Sense Inc., a company I am proud to be a part of.

The Binsky - available in gold and silver

The Binsky was created on the theory of strikes by recognition. The vibration of the lure is a trigger for a fish’s natural instinct to prey upon vulnerability. Vulnerability is huge, it shows a fish that its efforts and expending energy are most likely going to result in success. This is especially key for species that become lethargic in cold water temperatures. It’s all about presenting that ultimate feeding opportunity and The Binsky does that very well.

Always have a game plan. Before I got a little bit of knowledge of RV under my belt I looked at a map and marked some areas that I wanted to fish during the day. I’ll look for ledges, humps, and bottom structure such as timber or foundations. At the ramp, I take notice of other variables such as wind direction, which may make me fish certain areas first like wind blown points. One of the biggest mistakes anglers make with the Binsky is poor time and water management. They tie it on and just start fishing the whole lake in a circle. Fish with confidence, look for where the fish SHOULD be based on seasonal patterns. Figure out the high percentage areas and move from spot to spot. Especially during the winter, fish will set up in “wintering holes.” Discover a few of these on your home lake and you should find the fish active in one of those areas trip after trip.
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