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June Lure of the Month Giveaway – Vinnerbaits LLC

Comment at the bottom of this article for a chance to win this Vinnerbait 3 inch swimbait set.

The Winner has been chosen. robsawicki, you are the winner! Check your email and respond within 5 days to claim your Vinnerbait 3″ swimbait set.

Largemouth Bass caught on Vinner Minner swimbait
Largemouth Bass caught on Vinner Minner swimbait.

Vinner Minners, made by Vinnerbaits LLC of Roselle Park, NJ, are hand-poured, painted, eyed, and dipped in clear plastic to finish, providing these soft plastic swim baits with great swimming action. When paired with our EWG hand painted weighted hooks they become a deadly and versatile bait that you cant live without. By changing up your retrieves you can key in to what the fish want at any given time. You can wake them on the surface, swim them through the thickest vegetation or even slow roll them for a lazy bite on the bottom. A fast retrieve puts all the action at the tail, mimicking a fleeting baitfish. A slow retrieve flops the bait from side to side, mimicking an injured / dying baitfish. Our Vinner Minners are offered in 3″, 4″, 5″, and 6″ with 10 new and improved colors to choose from.

Our Mustad Ultra Point EWG weighted / painted hooks are the only ones on the market that come in multiple Glitter Finish colors. They are hand poured, painted and glittered to have a durable jewelry-finish chip resistant coating to help keep them looking just as good as when you bought them.

The giveaway is a 19 piece kit pictured at the bottom of this article. The kit features twelve 3″ swimbaits, 6 red(glittered) painted/weighted hooks, and 1-Plano box.

These hook/swimbait combinations have caught just about every species of freshwater fish including; Largemouth, Smallmouth, Pike, Pickeral, Crappie, Perch, Hybrid Stripers, Trout, and Walleye.

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Vinnerbaits LLC is giving away a 3 inch swimbait set this month to one lucky reader! For a chance to win simply leave a comment below. One winner will be randomly selected on July 1st 2011. The winners will be contacted with their email address on file, so make sure you are registered on this site and have your correct email address listed.

Swimbaits from Vinnerbaits LLC - June LOTM

Good luck and thanks again to Vinnerbaits LLC for sponsoring the June 2011 Lure of the Month Giveaway.

Castaic Swimbait – Rainbow Trout

I have seen massive largemouth bass swimming around in Round Valley and I have no doubt they are eating the little rainbow trout NJ DEP stocked earlier this month. I present you the Castaic Catch 22 Swimbait. The below model is a 6inch rainbow trout imitation. The reason this bait is called a “catch 22” is because the lure manufacturer guarantees you’ll catch 22 bass before the lure becomes unfishable OR you get a free replacement lure.

Castaic Catch 22 - RainbowTrout