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On Sunday 14th April 2002 the Seacat due to leave for Dublin was prevented after a crack was found in the hull. Steve McKay was informed of the problem at 8.20am; at 10.35 the Seacat left for Dublin with a permanent repair to her hull and with a large crowd cheering, who promptly boarded the Seacat and left for Dublin.

A & S McKay Sheetmetal Fabrications

Powder coated handrails.
TJ Hughes, Coventry.

We are leaders in precision sheet metal fabrication. We provide full service sheet metal fabrication from design, to manufacture, to assembly and installation. We have a thorough understanding of the materials, specifications, and processes it takes to build quality into every part. We make every effort to be technically superior, innovative and more responsive to better meet your needs.

We continuously keep up with the latest welding technology and sheet metal fabrication processes so we can continue to offer high quality and on time delivery at a low cost. We integrate sheet metal fabrication, welding and assembly processes to create high quality products which satisfy all customer requirements; quality, low cost and quick response time. We have a full range of welding capabilities including micro MIG welding, MIG welding, CO2 welding, and argon welding to name a few.

Our fabricators and engineers have extensive technical knowledge of precision sheet metal fabrication and other production technologies to offer a consulting sales approach for any customer requirements whether it be quality, low cost or quick response time. Our design and development skills lead our activities for creating prototypes and products, which emphasize design features and varied-type, varied-amount orders.

As a full service company we offer total in-house facilities, including engineering support, sheet metal fabrication, machining, welding fabrication and metal finishing (painting, powder coating and silk-screening). We also offer full transport and installation services and provide on-site assembly for large projects.

We are passionate about quality. Quality is not something that can be added to a product. Quality starts with product design and continues through all phases of production and installation. Quality is the number one priority of all our employees. Every job is processed with this in mind. Our relentless pursuit of quality is rooted in a comprehensive quality control system to ensure we provide precision sheet metal fabrication. All our sheet metal workers are time served City & Guilds craftsmen with many years experience of sheetmetal fabrication

We are a world-class stainless steel fabricator. Our mission is to design, manufacture and assemble high quality fabricated products to customer's specifications, with a consistent focus on knowing and exceeding their expectations. We offer customers precision sheet metal fabrication, machined parts, mechanical and welded assemblies and electro-mechanical pneumatic assembly. We have grown our business by fabricating to the customer's needs. From design and manufacturing to shipping and meeting your deadlines, the goal is to complement your manufacturing process.

We manufacture and assemble the highest quality aluminium, mild steel and stainless steel fabricated products from both your drawings and our designs.

For the bulk of our producst we use the following materials:

  • Mild steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Phosphorous bronze
  • Galvanised steel

Our History

A & S McKay was established in 1994 in Birkenhead and is a small family run business which has grown from just two partners to a current workforce of over twenty. This growth is due to the company's reputation for excellent service and quality design and workmanship.

We supply and maintain sheetmetal work and fabrication to local industries such as:

  • Vauxhall Motors
  • Hoverspeed Limited (maintaining their new high speed Seacat Ferries)
  • Morganite Thermal Ceramics Limited
  • Newplan Shopfitters Ltd
  • BPI Films Limited
  • Premier Brands
  • Harbison-Walker Refactories (formerly AP Green)
  • Sun Valley Peanuts Limited
  • Local Pubs & Clubs

We also provide a fast and efficient 'on site' installation and repair team to undertake any fabrication, sheetmetal and/or every type of welding which may arise with a 24 hour call out if necessary.

Our capabilities include working with materials such as mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and other non-ferrous metals. Aluminium castings are a speciality. All our employees are highly skilled (time-served City & Guilds) in the fabrication and welding of all the above materials with equipment on the shop floor i.e. Mig, Tig, MMA and Oxyacetylene.

We can fabricate structures up to 20 tonne on our premises but on site there would be no limits.

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