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Architectural design

Machine guards

Structural steelwork

Ventilation & ducting


Adjustable roller storage system

Teflon bearings allow storage of various roller lengths on adjustable supports

Customers can give us their drawings, however when required we can produce our own.

Sometimes customers present us with an idea. We then work with them to develop the idea into a finished design that we can then manufacture. Designs generally fall into three categories:

  • Ingenius
    These are the 'how can we make this do that?' type of problem. Typically this includes such things as designing safety guards that don't obstruct production.
  • Aesthetic
    These projects are invariably one-offs where the customer wants something contemporary, stylish and striking to look at. Examples we have made include the globe we built for St. David's Park and items such as a stainless steel bed for a loft apartment.
  • Engineering
    These are projects which might usually require architects and/or structural engineers such as large platforms or fire escapes. Typically it might be the design of noise reduction accoustic booths.

Whatever the design problem we can help. Just give us a ring and discuss it with us.

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