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  2. Sep 27

    When someone asks who wrote this unreadable , and you know it was you...

  3. tumi kar sathe tulte chao.. dar sathe na dar sathe.. comment first

  4. 3 minutes ago

    I need to make new assets for the map but damn I'm lazy today

  5. Oct 2

    Programming languages: (via )

    Programming languages: (via @reddit) #devhumor #dev
  6. 21 hours ago

    my greatest invention :D

  7. Oct 2

    Somebody in explain to me why FB has no bold/italics and Twitter has no edit button. WHY WHY WHY

  8. Sep 30
  9. Oct 2
  10. Oct 3

    Any freelance Wordpress developers in Manchester? Got a little job needs doing and would like to keep it local Please RT

  11. Sep 27

    There's something wrong with my animation 🤤 I have no idea how I made this, but it's pretty cool 😀

  12. 8 hours ago

    It’s a rule of thumb that every app launch is delayed. The last 10% takes 10x more resources than you expected. 😫

  13. Oct 2

    Whats the best thing about being a ? Free coffee? Cool projects? Being asked by everyone on the planet to fix their laptop? Tell us! 👍

  14. 18 hours ago
  15. Sep 29

    On the lookout for a woman who is a senior developer in who's keen to mentor other women devs. Anyone keen? Paid

  16. Sep 24

    So close to release...

  17. Sep 30
  18. Sep 28

    Getting excited to roll out a Slack channel for everyone to post questions in.

  19. 21 hours ago

    Are you looking for a new challenge? We are hiring! Full Stack Developer

  20. 13 minutes ago
  21. 1 hour ago

    Podcast: Johanna Rothman and Mike Griffiths on the

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