Top Rated LED Grow Lights August 2017: Rated By Growers

Top Rated LED Grow Lights August 2017: Rated By Growers

When choosing the best grow led grow light you should only take advice from seasoned growers. While the area you wish to cover is a leading factor when choosing your grow light there are many other factors that come into play. We suggest that you have a separate location to sprout your seeds and then place them into a LED lit room to veg and flower or budding.

You have the option to strictly use LED grow lights or to use other lighting mixed in with your LED during the two growth stages.

With the use of LED lighting you will save money on your electric bill. This is possible due to the fact that LED lights do not create as much heat as the traditional high pressure sodium (hps) and metal halide lighting options that many growers before us were forced to use. Many still choose to use these lighting options as they’ve been proven to work and some just do not adopt change as easily as others.

LED lights also create a lot less heat than the traditional means of lighting. This makes maintaining an ideal temperature much more manageable without the use of external cooling sources and also reduces the need for excess exhaust fans.

Jumping ahead a bit, certain marijuana strains produce beautiful colors such as blues and purples. These colors shine the brightest when temperatures are kept in the mid to low 70’s during growth. Sometimes they will not be visible at all if growth temperatures are not ideal during the entire life cycle of the plan. This helps to maintain optimal thc content in your buds as well. Ideal temperatures also attributes to ideal potency of thc. The chemical found inside of marijuana responsible for that amazing euphoric high!

While plant size could be a tad smaller while using LED lighting, the thc levels seems to be higher. This is completely personal opinion and you will find just as many people disagree with that statement as you will find agree with it. Please do not mark that as scientific fact.

Today we will review our top picks of LED lights and tell you which we find to be the best.

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