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ISHIP - Inclusive Summer High School Institute for Philosophy

Inclusive Summer High School Institute for Philosophy

June 25th - July 2nd

@ The Janet Prindle Institute for Ethics and DePauw University

Are you thinking about applying to college? Apply to join our crew.  We would like to show you how philosophy can help you with your college application and more. 

what is ISHIP?

ISHIP is a week long summer enrichment program for high school students from diverse social groups.  A select group of students will have all expenses paid.

what will we do?

  • Spend a week studying philosophy at the Prindle Institute and DePauw University

  • Interact with diverse faculty members who will introduce you to philosophy through activities, discussion and research presentations


Philosophy, in the ancient Greek, is referred to as the love of wisdom and what we think of as ‘doing philosophy’ is the study of fundamental questions, such as what is the nature of reality, what does it mean to know something, and whether there a moral right or wrong.  The study of Philosophy helps develop a person’s ability to think critically and present information in an organized way.  We are excited to reveal to you the ways in which philosophy can positively contribute to your academic goals and beyond. 

who can apply?

Students entering their senior year of High School:

  • From diverse social groups 

  • Who are thoughtful and curious

  • Thinking about attending college

  • Interested in learning about Philosophy

To apply, click on the link below or use this URL:

Apply now!

crew members will:

  • Find answers to your specific questions about entering college

  • "Preview" the experience of living on a college campus

  • Work closely with mentors and fellow crew members

  • Put skills to use in a debate style ethics bowl

  • Get a unique opportunity to be an active part of the philosophical community

  • Learn what philosophy has to offer before and during college

  • Experience philosophy in different settings

  • Learn about the benefits of philosophy after graduation


Please contact Tonya Welker with any questions or concerns: / (765) 658 - 5859

More information about our participants and mentors:

Dr. Rachel McKinnon is an Assistant Professor in the Philosophy Department at the College of Charleston. She works on a wide range of topics in philosophy, with a primary focus on issues in epistemology, philosophy of language, metaphysics, and ethics. Much of her recent work has focused on issues of epistemic injustice. She also has a research focus on trans issues. Recently, she has begun working on projects on the ethical and legal landscape for trans-inclusive sport.

Tim Brown is a doctoral student and research assistant at the University of Washington (UW). He works with the Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering's (CSNE) Neuroethics Thrust, where he explores the broader moral and societal implications of neural engineering and neural technology use. Through the CSNE’s support, he is also embedded in the UW's BioRobotics Lab, where he investigates issues of autonomy and agency that arise for people with motor disorders who use next-generation, neurally-controlled deep-brain stimulators to manage their symptoms.

Robin Dembroff is a PhD candidate in Philosophy at Princeton University, having transferred from the University of Notre Dame after completing an M.A. in Philosophy in 2014. Robin’s current research focus is in metaphysics and feminist philosophy. In particular, Robin explores topics related to social ontology, such as the nature of gender, race, sexual orientation, and social identities. Robin also has interests outside of philosophy, including (but not limited to!) rock climbing, running, lifting weights, and playing tug-o-war with their dog, Jack.

Dr. Andrea Sullivan-Clarke is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy and a Consortium for Faculty Diversity Postdoctoral Fellow at DePauw University. Her research focuses on the social dimension of knowledge creation in epistemic communities. As a member of the wind clan of the Muskogee Nation of Oklahoma, Andrea is also interested in topics relevant to Indian Country; such as American Indian identity, tribal sovereignty, and mixed-race contributions to knowledge production.

Vanessa Balis is a freshman at DePauw University studying Philosophy and Political Science. In addition to her majors, Vanessa is a member of both the Honors Scholar and Media Fellows program. Upon graduation, Vanessa hopes to become a member of Congress or a TV news anchor. Currently, Vanessa participates in the TV station D3TV, as well as the school newspaper, The DePauw

Dr. Andrew Cullison is the Phyllis W. Nicholas Endowed Director of the Janet Prindle Institute for Ethics. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Rochester in 2006. The title of his dissertation was Foundational Moral Knowledge, and the issue as to how we can know or have justified moral beliefs has been the guiding focus of his scholarship ever since. Dr. Cullison has over 15 peer-reviewed publications including pieces in Philosophical Studies, The Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy, and American Philosophical Quarterly.

ISHIP is made possible in part by the generous support of the American Philosophical Association.Color Logo for American Philosophical Association