$25 Modern Adirondack Fence Chairs

Are you looking for a fun and affordable way to spice up your patio this summer? How about a beautiful modern chair? And what if I told you you could build it for only twenty five dollars? Yes, it’s true! I found these stunning free plans on the Lowes Creative Ideas website.



They look amazing, right? Well one thing I love about LCI is that they always give you the “worst case” pricing. Online, it says to buy 3/4″ cedar boards, which will run you about $120 per chair, according to them. I found some more affordable options, it seems you can get the one side rough-cut cedar for about $50 per chair. But I wanted something even better than that. Something people often overlook. Cedar picket fencing! For about $2 per 6′ board, you’ll need 11 boards to build one chair. That’s $22, and you’ll use about $3 in 1 1/4″ screws.

I made a couple of tweaks, since fencing is only 1/2″ thick (as opposed to 3/4″) I had to build it a little differently than the tutorial shows you. Here are a couple of tips:

Build your two “leg boxes” first. Don’t add the angled support.

With your two side angle supports, build the center box. This way, your measurements won’t be off due to the difference in widths.

Now do your measuring for the height, and put the three boxes together for your base. All the other dimensions will be correct. The tutorial was a bit confusing for me, since I’ve never built with a diagram before. I’ve been spoiled by Ana White’s method of step by step images and descriptions. But I muddled through, and the end product is fabulous!

Please excuse my rather hideous back porch. We’ve had massive rains nearly every day for over a week, and the water/grass/bug level is just outrageous. The humidity makes me look like I’ve been bathing whenever I step outside. Oh, and the mosquitoes? UGH!

Yeah. And those were just the “sleeping” ones. There were a billion others flying around my head while I was trying to snap a few pictures. So forgive me if they’re not quite up to par, I was trying to escape being eaten alive! I plan to share a great post on what I used to finish off the chair, and to hopefully build a matching one soon. I’ve got a great idea for how to stage the porch, it’s going to be awesome! Minus the bugs, of course 😉


13 thoughts on “$25 Modern Adirondack Fence Chairs

  1. That chair is Gorgeous!! Love the mix of colors.
    Christina at I Gotta Create!
    Wildly Original Round Up party is open!

  2. I love this chair but I have a question about the screws you used. I’m thinking that you would need 3/4″ exterior screws since the fence slats are 1/2″. The shortest exterior screws I can find are 1″. What did you use? Thanks! Love your blog!

    1. Hi Carra! 1″ screws would probably be perfect. I used 1 1/4″ since I had a huge box of them, and they worked just fine. Most of the screws are entering the boards below on the ends, (sorry my verbal description isn’t the best) so the points can go down deeper. Um, let’s try that again. Most of your joins are one flat board into one vertical board, so you’re not drilling through two 1/2″ thicknesses, you’re drilling through one 1/2″ board and into another board that’s multiple inches long, but 1/2″ wide. You don’t want super long screws since that would risk splitting. I predrilled all my holes with an 1/8″ bit to make sure my fencing wouldn’t split. The only time the long screws are an issue are under the armrests, and I used my grinder to dull out the sharp point. I hope that helps! Sorry for being a bit confusing

  3. Thanks! I saw that about most of them (I knew exactly what you meant) but wondered about those under the armrests. I don’t have a grinder but this might be my excuse to buy one! By the way, I love your blog and hope Charlie has a great first birthday! Mine are 15 and 12 so it’s been a long time since those first birthday parties but I still look back on the pictures and remember what sweeties they were before they could talk back! Enjoy this time with her. She’ll be graduating before you know it!

    1. Honestly you could probably get away with leaving them as-is, or you can even blunt the tips with a hammer. But a grinder is just such a handy tool to have when you need it. I’ve used mine a lot more often than I thought I would!

  4. I love Ana White as well. My first build was the drop cloth tent on there. I did shorten the uprights because it gets stored in my shed. My second build was Ana’s children’s folding deck chair for my grandson. Tomorrow I am building your baby chair as a shower gift. It’s so tiny and cute!! I used it as an excuse to buy a router to round over the edges LOL! These chairs will be coming up after that. They are AWESOME! Love the idea of substituting the pickets!

    1. I didn’t change the dimension of the arms at all, I just didn’t cut them down like the plans suggested. So they’re the original dimension the cut list defines

  5. Where can I find your plans for these chairs? Thanks! I am building a fire pit in the backyard, and these look perfect!

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