I try use FastMM4 to tracking bottleneck in allocating memory.
I was inspired by this Primož movie:


When I turn off FullDebugMode and turn on LogLockContention then I get compiler error:

[dcc32 Error] FastMM4.pas(3274): E2003 Undeclared identifier: 'DebugFillMem'

But when I turn on FullDebugMode then code with Collector is ommited:

function FastGetMem()
{$ifdef LogLockContention}
{$ifndef FullDebugMode} <--- this is correct?
if Assigned(ACollector) then
GetStackTrace(@LStackTrace, StackTraceDepth, 1);
ACollector.Add(@LStackTrace[0], StackTraceDepth);

How to correct check bottleneck in memory usage?
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