Best Features of iPhone X That iPhone 8 Lacks

iPhone 8Along with breaking the naming pattern, i.e. skipping iPhone 9, Apple launched the whole new iPhone X. It casts a very significant shadow over iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. It comes with a new display, modified design, and a few new features. These add-ons made iPhone X stand out and do things that both iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus cannot.

OLED Screen with HDR

When all of the flagship models come with Dolby Vision playback and HDR10, iPhone X features true HDR screen. It can be made possible with the OLED screen instead of LCD with IPS on iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. The iPhone X features OLED screen which has whopping 1000,000:1 of contrast ratio instead 1400:1 on iPhone 8 and 1300:1 on iPhone 8 Plus.

Apple calls OLED display the “Super Retina HD Display” as it can generate even deeper blacks. It turns off the pixels which are rendered black. Better battery life is another undisputed benefit thanks to OLED.

Larger Battery Life

Along with new tech, iPhone X outperforms iPhone 8 with better battery life. As usual, Apple never discloses its battery’s capacity ratings. However, it claims iPhone 8 to last longer than iPhone 7. But iPhone X can last around 2 hours longer than iPhone 7.

Dual OIS

When all three models feature 12MP cameras on the back and 7MP shooters on the front, both iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X come with an extra rear camera. The dual cameras come with two different lenses – telephoto and wide angle. But what iPhone 8 Plus lacks is two squeezed and extra fine tidbits on the camera housing in iPhone X.

First of all, iPhone X comes with OIS (optical image stabilization) on both cameras. When 8 Plus has OIS on large angle camera only, it leaves telephoto more vulnerable to shake.

Another feature is f/2.8 aperture on telephoto camera of iPhone 8 Plus. On the other side, iPhone X comes with f/2.4 aperture, with a bit of advantage in depth of field as well as low light shots.

Portrait Mode in Front Shooter

On iPhone X, the front shooter has a few tricks that you can’t-do with iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus front cameras. Portrait mode was possible only with rear cameras of iPhone 7 Plus for beginners. Now it is available on both iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus. However, iPhone X has a front TrueDepth camera to capture selfies in portrait mode.

Face ID

The display in iPhone X extends from the top all the way to bottom edge. It leaves just a small space for the nudge which has lots of sensors, along with a TrueDepth camera. So, there is no more Touch ID and home button. Instead, you will need to use Face ID with iPhone X to access your phone.

It uses flood illuminator, infrared camera, as well as dot projector with up to 30000 invisible dots to sense and detect your facial mapping. Face ID will also be used to allow purchases through Apple Wallet. Face ID will also not open the lock screen while reading notifications or when you don’t want it. Hence, it is attention smart too. You will have Touch ID on iPhone 8/8 Plus and you won’t be able to use Face ID on those.


Last but not the least! Animoji is design specifically for iPhone X which reads and analyzes up to 50 muscle movements with TrueDepth camera to mirror your expressions and movements on 12 different animated emojis. It simply mimics your facial expressions on your emoji. It will also record your voice while creating Animoji. It plays in loop. When you open Animoji, it will start voice recording to play along.