Family Law

Are you considering divorce? Choosing to end your marriage is never an easy decision, but choosing the right lawyer to represent you can help make the legal aspects of separation as painless as possible.

Bromberg Rosenthal LLC provides aggressive and compassionate legal representation for families dealing with the complex issues that come with divorce. Our divorce attorneys are based in Rockville, and represent individuals throughout Maryland and Washington, D.C. Our firm has been meeting the needs of our region's families for more than three decades.

Compassionate And Knowledgeable

Every divorce is unique. We know that whether a divorce is relatively straightforward, or involves complex financial matters, such as business evaluations, extensive property, stocks, bonds, retirement accounts, and wills and trusts, or the emotions involved require a delicate hand. Our attorneys have the ability to aggressively represent our clients' interests while compassionately meeting their various legal needs.

We are prepared to handle all aspects of your divorce, including:

  • Division of property, including property value assessments and business valuation
  • Child custody and visitation (including international and interstate disputes) — We'll help you achieve an agreement that meets your family's needs
  • Child and spousal support agreements — We'll ensure you understand the state guidelines for child support, and that the spousal support agreement is fair to both parties
  • Modification and enforcement of agreements or rulings — As circumstances change, you may need to modify your agreements; we also offer enforcement assistance

We'll guide you through every step of the divorce process, from filing for divorce to final court approval, ensuring that you understand your options and can make informed choices about what's best for your family. You can rest assured legal knowledge is broad, thorough and up-to-date: We pay careful attention to changes that might affect our clients in all three states where we practice.

Prepared To Meet All Your Legal Needs

Because our firm also practices in the areas of real estate, business and estate law, we are very well-equipped to handle the financial aspects of divorces. Not all family law attorneys can help you accurately value and fairly divide your family business, or help you make the necessary changes to your estate plan once your divorce is finalized.

We also have ample experience with alternatives to divorce, such as legal separation and annulment, and can help you create a valid pre- or postnuptial agreement. Our attorneys highly recommend these legal instruments, which can afford you valuable protections. We also recommend, and have experience drafting, nonmarital cohabitation agreements for couples in domestic partnerships.

We Also Handle Other Family Law Matters

Family law is about more than just divorce. Our lawyers have the knowledge and experience to handle a broad spectrum of legal matters affecting your family. Whether you are a grandparent seeking to assert your right to spend time with your grandchildren, or want to establish guardianship of a minor in your care, you can rely on us for compassionate guidance and sound advice. We also handle adoptions and either side of paternity claims.

You can rely on us when a crisis strikes. Whether you need a restraining order against a violent spouse or ex-spouse, or an advocate for your child in juvenile court dependency proceedings, our firm is an excellent choice.

A Client-Focused Approach

At Bromberg Rosenthal LLC, our clients control the approach we take in family law cases. While we believe in reasonableness and cooperation, we know that issues in divorce, child custody and child support can become contentious. We are prepared to litigate divorce disputes, when that is in the best interest of our clients.

We're Here To Listen — Contact Us Today

Please contact our experienced family law attorneys today to discuss your legal needs. If you prefer, you can also call Bromberg Rosenthal LLC at 301-251-6200.