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  1. Conal Tuohy


    At the Summit I gave a super brief presentation on the idea of using a transforming proxy to make a custom Web API into proper “5-star” Linked Data. This weekend I sat down and actually tried it.

    It didn’t take very long to make a proxy which converts Museum Victoria’s Web API into a Linked Data service. I’ve blogged about the LOD proxy on my blog, including links to the demo and to source code.

    I think it shows that this lightweight approach can work, and importantly, I think, it shows that a collecting institution which already has its own Web API can publish data into the LOD cloud without a whole heap of extra effort, by relying on the Web API to do most of the work.


  2. Silvia Mazzini

    A great summit!


    It’s always a fantastic experience to share projects, passions, and research with an international community, and every time I attend the summit I find again the energy and enthusiasm I know will sustain me throughout the year.

    Thanks to the presence of leading experts and researchers from all over the world I was able to get up to speed with what was happening in the field and understand that our Open Memory project is definitely on the right track (I still can’t believe we won the grand prize!).

    Just a few days ago we received notice that two of our funding requests to the CDEC (Foundation Jewish Contemporary Documentation Center) were accepted so we have the great opportunity to carry on the work that began in 2012 thanks to the collaboration between the CDEC and regesta.exe (the company I work for); this funding will enable us in the next two years to publish as LOD data content related to the Antifascist Italian Jews (some of them deported) and the Rescued Jews – further recomposing the scattered Jewish family.

    I can find nothing wrong with our summit. It’s lack of hierarchy and informal sessions made for a very interactive meeting. With its mix of cross-LAM topics and very smart people willing to share, the learning doesn’t end when the summit does, but continues throughout the year.

    I close with the hope to organize, with my friend and colleague Cristina Pattuelli and her staff, the next LODLAM Summit in Italy….

  3. Ingrid Mason

    On the road..


    This was my third Summit and finally it felt like I was driving in third gear. Sat in some great sessions, notably those facilitated by Valentine Charles (Europeana), Joan Cobb (The Getty) and Andy Neale (DigitalNZ).

    Later this year, thanks to VALA (Libraries, Technology and the Future) there’s some travel for me to go and visit some of the LODLAM leaders. Really looking forward to a pure think and talk tour, and seeing some great people again, and meeting new people. The brain load and creative effort will be shared with Rowan Brownlee thanks to the generous professional support provided by Intersect Australia and the Australian National Data Service. The learning will be brought back to the VALA conference in Melbourne, 9 – 11 February 2016.

    A few moments around the Summit captured my imagination and will stay with me.

    Here’s one before the Summit with Louise Denoon and the rest of the State Library of New South Wales team in full swing with planning. You know you’re with a great crowd when there’s a smiley face in the floor plan!

    Here’s one at the Summit with Paula Bray’s Speedo on the LOOM project at the State Library of NSW DX Lab.

    Following on.. this was Margaret Warren’s tweet.. and I finally had an urge to join a book club!