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To reinvigorate the heart of Hillcrest and ensure that local businesses thrive



To reinvigorate the heart of Hillcrest and ensure that local businesses thrive

Thank you to all the Speakers who attended and spoke at the November 14th City Council Hearing in support of the Uptown Gateway District!  The UGC is thrilled with the 7-2 City Council vote to pursue a Specific Plan for the Gateway District.  We are looking forward to working with the City and the Community to design a Specific Plan that provides public gathering places, walkability, bikeability, affordable and market-rate housing, new retail and commercial opportunities.

“Infrastructure, pocket parks, thriving local businesses, and activated sidewalks only evolve with funding from new integrated housing.”                                             

                                                                                                                                                                     - Gary H. London, Real Estate Analyst

“The City of San Diego has adopted two key forward-looking land use documents, its General Plan, and its Climate Action Plan.  Both documents call for more intense use of land to encourage transit ridership, walking, bicycling, and access between homes and job centers.”  

                                                                                                                                                      - Colin Parent, Policy Counsel, Circulate San Diego


The Uptown Gateway Council

 represents owners of commercial property totaling 10 acres of land in the heart of Hillcrest. The Gateway Council has partnered with business owners to create a vibrant and renewed center of the community and stop the mass migration of businesses to more dynamic parts of San Diego. The proposed Uptown Gateway District would be bounded by Washington Street to the north, Pennsylvania Avenue to the South, 7th Avenue to the East and 4th Avenue to the West. 
The Gateway Council will continue to gather supporters who understand that Uptown needs a Community Plan that does not stifle economic growth and encourage further decay within the commercial core of Hillcrest. It is critical to allow height in order to achieve attractive public realm, to provide density allowances that encourage smaller, more affordable housing units, and allow flexibility on parking standards that encourages the use of public transportation and compliance with the newly passed Climate Action Plan. 

The June 2015 update to the Uptown Community Plan proposes significant down zoning to all of Hillcrest, including the commercial core. This effective moratorium on future development discourages rejuvenation and prevents us from accomplishing what we all hope to achieve in Hillcrest:
                        •    Street activation that encourages commerce and entertainment.
                        •    Walkability that encourages living, working and patronizing in Uptown.
                        •    Affordability resulting from the ability to build smaller units. 
                        •    Creative and innovative architecture that compliments the surrounding                                      neighborhoods.
                        •    More public realm that encourages artistic and cultural amenities. 
                        •    A healthy urban core that welcomes visitors off the 163 and accentuates the                               corridor to and from downtown and Balboa Park.
                        •    Accessible and functional public transportation.


We desire a thriving 6th avenue entrance to Uptown San Diego