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storage shedsPortable Buildings, Sheds, Cabins and More!

Welcome and we want you to know that at Countryside Barns, our portable storage buildings are manufactured in our own facility and sold directly to the public without any middle man.  We are high quality manufacturers of garden sheds, lofted sheds and lofted barns, utility sheds, backyard barns, portable garages, portable cabins, cabins with a loft, chicken coop’s and gazebo’s. Your extreme satisfaction is because we don’t compromise on quality of materials and our craftsmanship.

Our portable storage buildings are designed to last for decades and hold up to the extreme weather conditions that we see in Illinois. They have this extreme durability thanks to the use of high quality wood and other materials. We never use inferior grade lumber, in fact we use lumber that is a better grade than is typically used in high-end home construction! It’s kiln-dried, perfectly straight and true, which allow us to build with tight tolerances or minimal gaps. Tight construction in a portable building makes it more durable and in Illinois, where the weather can be brutal at times, this is key.

We don’t believe that any other manufacturer of storage buildings and sheds can claim that they are using the same grade of materials as we do. Even with the additional costs of using the best materials, our prices are still very, very affordable. Best of all, you’re buying from the leader in portable buildings in all of Illinois, from Peoria to Champaign to Chicago.  We sell, deliver and set up through the entire state of Illinois.

We’ have been Serving Illinois Residents Since 2009 and we offer Free Delivery Within 100 Miles of our Manufacturing Facility. Free Delivery Includes The Following Areas:

Free Delivery Includes The Following Areas:

Peoria, IL
Bloomington, IL
Champaign, IL
Naperville, IL
Joliet, IL
Galesburg, IL
Mattoon, IL
Decatur, IL
Springfield, IL
Jacksonville, IL
Burlington, IA
Davenport, IA



Our Portable Building Products


Lofted Cabin

Portable Cabin with LoftCabins With A Loft

These lofted cabins have lots of room available for you and your guests. They come in a variety of sizes and can have either 1 or 2 lofts.  These lofts can be used for sleeping areas or for storage of those things that need to get up and out of the way.  With the tiny house movement taking the nation by storm, these lofted cabins are the perfect solution.  They’re easy to move, they can be customized to any level of convenience or luxury and they look great!  For more details on our line of lofted cabins [Click Here].

Portable Cabin

Portable hunting cabinPortable Cabins

Our standard portable cabin has the same amount of floor space as our Lofted Cabin, but the sidewalls are taller! You’ll lose the loft, but gain wall and ceiling height. They have a traditional gable roof rather than the gambrel style, eliminating the loft area. They look great and when they have a properly designed interior, they have plenty of room. Whether your using it as a get away cabin or a full time living space, our portable cabins will fit into a wide variety of situations. For details [Click Here].

Garden Shed with Loft

Shed with loftLofted Garden Shed

The Lofted Garden Shed is our most popular portable storage building. It has two overhead lofts for all of that stuff that you want to store, but rarely need to access. Wide double doors that are positioned on the side of the building allow you complete access , even with large items. Some customers are using the lofted garden shed for a workshop and others find it perfect for a pool house. Whatever your need, you can find it if you [Click Here].

Storage Shed

Storage ShedGarden Shed

One of the most versatile and attractive portable buildings is the Garden Shed. It’s sideways configuration with two double doors makes it easy to access your gardening tools and equipment. It’s one of the most popular of shed styles because it just looks great anywhere you place it. It’s found a myriad of uses from storage to potting, workshop to pool house, hobby shop to toy house, it’s perfect. Check out the details, [Click Here].

Portable Shed

Backyard Storage ShedUtility Shed

Nothing fancy, just the best built utility shed on the market. Perfect for filling a need when plain and simple does the trick. Lots of room, clean and simple lines, wide doors and no frills, this portable shed is just right. Need to get the lawn tractor out of the weather? Four wheeler taking up space? Motorcycles needs somewhere to be kept and worked on? Try the utility shed and I’m sure you’ll have what you need. See more [Click Here].

Portable Garage

transportable garagePortable Garage

Some people never heard of a portable garage, but instead of paying for something flimsy, or something that requires a permanent foundation and property taxes, why not take a look?   They’re strong, they last and they do the job perfectly. You can store a car, a truck, a motorcycle, boat or ATV, camping, hiking, hunting or fishing gear, landscaping equipment, snow blowers and more. They make a nice workshop for work or hobby. You can see various sizes [Click Here].

Lofted Barn Shed

Barn style shed with loftLofted Barnn

Our Lofted Barn has it’s doors on the end, rather than on the side like the lofted garden shed. It features two overhead lofts with an open space in the middle of the shed. You can store seldom used items in the lofts while maintaining plenty of floor space for those frequently used things like lawn and garden equipment.  This is another very popular shed because of it’s space and doors on the end. See all of the details [Click Here].

Country Barn Shed

Barn ShedCountry Barn

The Country Barn shed is identical to the Lofted Barn except it gives you a portable storage building with two lofts, double doors and two windows! Lots of room inside, lofted storage to get things up and out of the way. Wide double doors to get your things in and out.  You have a loft door for easy access and two windows to help get some light inside and to improve ventilation in the hotter weather. This is a nice looking portable shed and you can learn more about it. [Click Here].

Barn Shed

portable garden shedBarn

The Barn shed has the gambrel roof just like the lofted storage buildings, but has low sidewalls and no loft.  If you like the barn style but prefer simplicity, you’re on a more limited budget, or this is really your preferred style, the Barn shed is a great solution for all your yard and garden tool storage. There are still some nice options to make your building fit what you envision and you can see them if you [Click Here].

Portable Chicken Coop

prefab chicken coopChicken Coop

Chickens used to live in the country, but we now have suburban and even urban chickens! If you’re keeping chickens then you need a proper place to keep them safe and be able to access their eggs. We’ve built in roosts and nesting boxes for your birds.  We’ve given you an outside access door so that you can get in there and clean the chicken coop with ease. You’ll have the easiest time ever, gathering your eggs without entering the coop! The best portable chicken coop comes in these sizes [Click Here].

Portable Gazebo

portable gazeboGazebos

Beautiful, elegant and stately are words that are used when describing a gazebo. Placed near a pond or a pool, out in a lawn or any other “gazebo perfect” location, and you’ve got a great place to relax. Screen it in, place some comfy furniture and you’ve got a nice little backyard retreat from the daily grind.  Check out the portable gazebo’s options, [Click Here]



Rent to Own Portable Shed

Garden Shed

Best Made Portable Barns, Sheds and Cabins

Every one of our hand crafted portable buildings are built in our Illinois manufacturing and assembly facility by highly qualified carpenters. Our choice of lumber is a higher grade than most of our competitors and we select windows, doors and roofing materials from some of the best quality available to professional builders. Our hand built portable storage structures are engineered to last and take a beating. We build indoors and this gives us complete control of the environment, keeping things dry. Being indoors also allows our team to make certain, that every single one of our portable buildings, sheds and cabins will be perfectly square and perfectly plumb (straight up and down). We only use kiln dried wood that is dried after any anti-rot or insect treatment, which decreases any warping of the wood. This makes us absolutely certain that the fit and the finish is perfect and that all of the doors and windows fit well and open and close properly.

You can choose several variations and options to your portable building. For instance you can choose to have a shingle or metal roof on your storage shed, portable cabin, portable garage or portable barn. You can choose from a variety of doors and windows as well as deciding where you want those placed. Shutters and other adornments can be added, just click on a product and you’ll see all of the available options. [See Image Gallery]

There are many companies who develop and build, portable storage buildings, cabins, sheds, barns and gazebos in Illinois. We develop the highest quality buildings and deliver the very best service in the industry. Our portable buildings are regularly delivered and set up in the Chicagoland area, Naperville, Aurora, Orlando Park, Bloomington and Champaign. There are dozens upon dozens of our customers, scattered all over the entire state of Illinois, who are enjoying the highest quality portable sheds, barns, cabins and other portable structures. [Read Our Reviews Here]

Portable Cabin

We are also widely known as one of the best portable cabin makers in all of Illinois. Our portable cabins can be built with the interior incomplete and then delivered and set up on your property for you to finish the interior. If you’re interested, we are able to complete the interior with nearly any type of floor plan you’d like or would prefer. Our portable cabins are built with enough space for 1 or 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a complete kitchen and living area and depending upon the size (several sizes are available), are quite roomy and comfy.

Portable cabins work extremely well as an office, fishing cabin, hunting cabin, guest quarters, rental unit, small retail store, mother-in-law’s suite or as a small home. In the realm of the tiny house movement, you can enjoy extremely efficient living, adding 1 or 2 lofts for sleeping, storage and work, but they can really be used for anything your imagination comes up with. Portable cabins have the emphasis on portable, because they can be moved and go just about anywhere. Delivery and set up is included in the price of the cabin and if you ever decide that you need to relocate the cabin, we can do that for you as well. Also, because these are portable buildings, if you ever sell them in the future, it’s quite easy to move a portable building to the new owners property without any real hassles.

Our hand crafted Portable Storage Buildings are the highest quality, but even so, our pricing falls in line with the competition. Our portable storage buildings have very flexible uses. Many individuals are looking for rental spaces for storage of vehicles, yard equipment, motorcycles and other accumulated items and big boys toys. Some individuals need an additional home for in-laws or weekend get-away locations and we have the perfect portable buildings to fit your needs.

Our entire organization is concentrated on providing the best portable buildings available. We have actually been manufacturing and building in our facility since 2009, continuously enhancing our products and our building processes as brand-new innovation and development of products becomes available. [Read More About Us Here] Amazing building product technology breakthroughs are happening all of the time, for example, new types of outer skins or sheathing called “LP Smart Siding” have replaced standard plywood types of siding. This type if siding is far more durable and will save you money in the future.  This is really important when the inside of our portable structures are being used as living quarters, but also helps with a shed or portable garage.

Our aim is to eliminate as much maintenance as possible because we know that you have better things to do. Our portable storage buildings, portable barns, portable cabins, portable sheds and more, are very low maintenance. We develop and build our portable sheds and other portable buildings for Illinois locals, due to the fact that we understand the weather and how those fluctuations impact portable structures. People living in locations like Peoria, Bloomington, Champaign, Springfield, Joliet, Naperville, Schaumburg, Aurora, St. Charles, Orlando Park and others, benefit from this understanding. If you’re in the market for any of our gorgeous portable buildings, contact us and we would more than happy to explain what we can do for you!

Construction materials and products are extremely important when building a portable building, that’s why we use the best. You aren’t heating or cooling the inside of a portable storage building, portable garage, portable barn or portable shed and the wood expands and contracts with the weather. Inferior materials can cause problems over time, degrading the portable structure and that’s why we will never compromise on our materials and quality. You are always assured of high quality.

Portable garden shed

Utilizing kiln dried lumber for framing and selecting an outside covering that will last and hold up to the components is vital. Selecting treated wood for the timber beams assures us that the wood is straight and won’t be bending or twisting as it dries. Sheathing on exterior walls has typically been a T-1-11 plywood siding and as an upgrade we offer the new LP Smart Siding for lower maintenance.

We are the manufacturer of all of our Portable Storage Buildings, Portable barns and Portable cabins with two different roofing choices available to you. Either choose traditional fiberglass shingles or steel roofing. Our shingles are a very high grade shingle with a 130 mph wind resistance rating and have a limited lifetime warranty. Our steel roofing is tough, durable and has a baked on paint coating which is designed to safeguard the steel from rust and allow it to last for decades. Super low maintenance, these panels will not need any painting for several years if ever. You can opt to have either one of these, depending upon your individual requirements and desires. You may be interested in Used Portable Cabins for sale and Portable Sheds for sale, if so please give us a call.

Delivery and set up is always included in the price of your portable building and set up must be on your level lot. If the area is not level and needs some additional preparation, there may be additional costs. We’ll move your building across the property with a Mule, but not the kind that eats your grass. We have a machine called a Mule and it easily moves the largest of our portable buildings, seemingly without effort into its proper position. This enables us to put your building in the exact spot with very little harm to the lawn, if any. In most cases, as long as we can fit the building through your access space, we should be able to place it where you desire. We offer this for free within a 100 mile radius of our facility and if you’re over 100 miles, we’ll estimate a budget-friendly rate on the additional mileage.


portable shed

storage shed1) Your garage is too full of junk, err… treasures. You haven’t seen that old car for years and can’t get the daily driver into the garage at all.


portable shed2) Your tractor stays outside under a tarp, out in the rain, the snow or hot sun, rather than being indoors where it should be?


garden shed3) Your “piles of stuff” begins at the front door and ends at the foot of your bed.


portable shed4) You’ve lost sight of your family… and you know for sure that they are in the house, but for the life of you, you just can’t find them.


portable storage building5) Your house is so crowded that you really can’t raise your arm anymore to scratch that itch.


portable cabin6) You really love having your mother-in-law, but you’d prefer a little more distance between you than a single wall.


portable building 7) Many jurisdictions don’t charge property tax on a “portable” building, check with your local tax office for details.


portable garage8) With a portable building, you can  relocate any time, on the same property or onto a different property and take it all with you.


backyard shed9) Your stuff is everywhere and you’re just tired of seeing it!


portable storage barn10) A portable shed is very affordable and costs less over time than other storage options. 


Portable Shed financing

portable storage building page break

Portable Building Ownership is Simple and Easy for Anyone


Option 1 – One of our best options to portable storage building ownership is our Installment Loan Financing. We’ll handle the arrangement right in our office, just for you. This is a low interest rate option and is great if you have a qualifying credit score.

Option 2 – An attractive and economical way to get your own building no matter what type of credit you have, is our Rent-To-Own option. There’s No Credit Check, rates are competitive and a percentage of your monthly payment is applied toward ownership of any of our portable sheds, portable barns or other types of portable storage buildings.

When you purchase any portable building from Countryside Barns we provide an easy and friendly experience and we guarantee that you’ll have the best handcrafted portable building, finest buying experience and best service that you’ve ever gotten anywhere. Give us a call and anyone of our very capable specialists can assist you in obtaining the best shed at the very best price available anywhere in Illinois!



  • No credit check!
  • 90 days same as cash!
  • Can pay off early at ANY time with no penalty.
  • Great alternative to off-site storage rental units.
  • 24, 36, 48 and 60 month terms.

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Traditional Installment Loan

    • $0 money down financing up to $15,000 with interest rates as low as 9.99%!
    • Interest rates are based on your credit score.
    • 12, 24, 36, and 48 month programs available.
    • Financing is through a 3rd party lender.

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