Southampton Code Dojo

October Code Dojo (Freshers' Dojo)

The Southampton Code Dojo is a monthly meetup of technical people from around the Southampton area.

This first event of the academic year is a special, double size Dojo!

We typically meet on the second Thursday of each month, decide on a small challenge to work on, split up into groups and solve the problem separately, then come together and talk about the different ways we solved it.

It's a good way of improving our coding abilities by learning from each other, it's a lot of fun, and programmers of any ability are welcome.

Pizza and refreshments will be kindly provided by InSync.

Oct. 12, 2017, 19:00-21:00
Mountbatten Level 3 Coffee Room
Highfield Campus
University of Southampton
Please give me a call on 07795 481 536 if you cannot get into the building. It will be locked for non-ECS students. The door will be manned until 7:00pm
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