About Gary

About D. Gary Young

After a crippling injury in his early adult years that nearly cost him his life, Gary Young dedicated his life to researching essential oils and natural ways to combat disease, preserve health, and promote natural and healthy lifestyles. Gary has since earned a degree in nutrition, a doctorate in naturopathy, and has gone on to become one of the foremost authorities on essential oils and their therapeutic value in the world.

Today, as founder and president of Young Living Essential Oils and The D. Gary Young Foundation, Gary Young travels throughout the world furthering his research, sharing his passion with others, and bringing therapeutic essential oils and humanitarian aid to those in need.

D. Gary Young Biography

Gary Young grew up in Idaho, and at the age of 17, moved to Canada to pursue a career in logging and ranching. At the age of 24, Young suffered a near–fatal logging accident that left him in a coma for three weeks. The accident left Young paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. Depression set in and deepened until he decided it was time to make a change; Young wanted a better life than the one he was living. Three years after his accident, he began to regain feeling in his toes and legs. Gary Young then began using essential oils to relieve his pain and eventually he regained complete feeling and mobility. Thirteen years later, he ran a half marathon. And Gary Young decided to share his experience of the healing properties of essential oils with the world.

With Young Living Essential Oils and farms in Mona, Utah; Simiane La–Rotonde, France; St. Marie's, Idaho; and Guayaquil, Ecuador, D. Gary Young has made his dream of healing and helping others a reality. The farms grow many of the plants used to create therapeutic–grade Young Living Essential Oils, which are shared around the world through the growing network of Young Living distributors.

Gary Young recently traveled to the Amazon (Guayaquil, Ecuador to be exact) with dozens of Young Living distributors. For a week, distributors had the opportunity to see the farmland first–hand, see the process of distilling essential oils, and interact with Gary Young and each other.

Not only is Gary's personal story remarkable but he is a model of success in the business world as well. When interviewed by Utah Valley Business Q after Young Living was named number 7 out of the 15 top revenue companies in the valley, Young explained the reason for his success: "Splurge on your employees and cut back on expenditures and ostentatious displays of wealth in business and personal lifestyle…be honest, even when it challenges you financially." Young's statement is indicative of his charitable and genuine character.

Throughout D Gary Young's travels, he's seen first–hand the harsh realities of poverty and illness affecting much of the world. His experiences inspired him to start The D. Gary Young Foundation, which has offered aid to numerous projects and causes, including:

Through The D. Gary Young Foundation, Gary and his wife Mary will also supply the school with enough books for every child, new desks, chalkboards, and a clean environment to foster education and learning.

Gary Young himself is a life–long student who understands and appreciates the importance of education and continual–learning. This is completely evident in Young's credentials and experience.

1982–1988: In Mexico, Gary Young studied biochemistry, hematology, anatomy, and chemistry, among other subjects under the guidance of four medical doctors.

1985: He received his master's degree in nutrition. Young then went on to earn his doctorate in Naturopathy from Bernadean University.

1990-1994: In France, Young studied the process of distilling essential oils.

2000: Young traveled to China to study the Ningxia Wolfberry and its health benefits.

D .Gary Young has led a full, if sometimes difficult life, but sees the value in all of his life experiences, "I am grateful to my creator for giving me a second chance at life and for the blessing of being able to walk again. I want to share with others all over the world what I have discovered through my own healing."