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  1. 24 thg 9

    If these allegations are true, this is horrifying: factory workers allowed to die in the rubble by police in CDMX

  2. 20 thg 9

    More direct sites to donate recc'd be Mex City residents volunteering in clean up:

  3. 20 thg 9

    necesidades urgentes en el del CDMX

  4. 20 thg 9

    via Mitshell Soulwaxloxo

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    Đang trả lời
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    via Mitshell Soulwaxloxo:

  7. 20 thg 9

    "There are horns in the streets telling people to stay out of the streets" from Mexico City

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    Friend in Mexico City asking me to tweet: donate goods to the Mexican embassy, DC (beware of Red Cross )

  10. 19 thg 9

    Friends in Mex City helping people in the rubble are telling me it looks like "....f*ck"

  11. 21 thg 8

    The eclipse seen from the airport layover, damn you American Airlines.

  12. 19 thg 8

    Police altercation with protestors shouting "fuck you" and throwing water bottles

  13. 19 thg 8

    Girl held in a chokehold and arrested in Boston (on the ground, center frame)

  14. 14 thg 7
    Đang trả lời

    Beyoncé had babies and thought "I bet I'd look super hot with these"

  15. 14 thg 7


  16. 15 thg 6

    I've never done a "This." but here goes....VOILA

  17. 13 thg 6

    Why isn't Christian Viveros-Faune writing for the Times? YES I wonder this every time I read his latest cc

  18. 13 thg 6

    Oof this is a beating

  19. 13 thg 6

    Thaaaat explains it: the media has been hopped up on pot all along!

  20. 13 thg 6

    What is this War on Drugs bait and switch

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