Freepto development has been discontinued

During these years we developed Freepto with the main goal of providing a ready-to-use, encrypted OS to whoever was willing to abandon proprietary OS.

For security reasons it is paramunt to keep Freepto always up-to-date. Unfortunately, this requires lot of time, and the current developer team is not able to keep up with it.

Also, some choices we took 3 years ago now show up all their limits:

Therefore, we are ending Freepto development.

We suggest to Freepto users to give a try to Tails, a live OS focused on privacy and anonimity. Read more on Tails website:

What is Freepto?

Freepto is a Linux-based operating system on USB stick. This means you can bring it with you and use any computer as it was your own. Also, data you save on the USB stick will always automatically be encrypted (i.e. nobody else will be able to access them).

The idea behind Freepto is to offer an easy way to deal with the most common needs of activists, without giving up the convenience of a traditional operating system.

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How do I use it?

Using Freepto is easy.

Just plug your USB stick into your computer, then switch it on, select the USB boot, and you're done.

You can find all the information on how to install, boot and use Freepto in the documentation.

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Who we are

Rather than a project (or a set of projects), «Av.A.Na - Avvisi Ai Naviganti» is a collective process of learning. It's a knowledge start-up. It's the idea batter. We have and we promote a critical and aware approach to information technologies.


AvANa doesnt' give courses and doesn't teach anything. It's the space and the time in which exchange knowledge, seeking the pleasure of horizontality (July 2012).

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Always with you An operating system in your pocket.

Freepto is a complete operating system on a USB stick. You can use it on any computer, and you'll get all you need. It's not just a system to reort to in case of emergency: freepto is suitable for your day-to-day needs.

Encrypted to guard your secrets

All the data stored on Freepto is securely encrypted with a password only you know. If you loose your USB stick, or if it is stolen, you don't need to worry your data fall into the wrong hands.

Everything included from mail to graphics.

Freepto comes packed with useful software: browser, mail client, image editor… and if you need more you can install it with synaptic, exactly in the same way you would do on Debian or Ubuntu.

Preconfigured for security

We tried to make Freepto as secure as possible, taking care this didn't harm user experience:

Additional paranoia optional, but always handy

We believe that users should be able to increase their level of security when they need it and in an easy way; for this reason Freepto comes packed with a set of tools to do so:

Documentation included

Freepto is easy to use, Usare freepto è facile, ma è sempre utile avere della documentazione da leggere per qualsiasi necessità. Freepto comes with its own manual, che ti aiuterà a usarla nel modo migliore possibile.

We also included Crypt'r'die, a zine dedicated to practical advice about digital security: it is broken in to easy "recipes" to improve your on-line security. Take a look!


You can create your own customized version of Freepto, if you need it. You can include new software or make any change you like. Freepto is based on Debian Live Build, a set of tools that enables you to build new customized live Linux distributions based on Debian. To contribute, you can start at our repository.