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    Serving Chicago and surrounding area
    2447 N Ashland Ave
    Chicago, IL 60614
    b/t Montana St & Altgeld St
    DePaul, Lincoln Park
  • Phone number (312) 939-5253
  • Business website kalerealty.com

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  • 4.0 star rating

    Professional Good Company

    Many insights on great properties in area.

    If you need any real estate info, rental info contact Kale Realty

    Give them a try

  • 5.0 star rating

    Stefanie D'Agostino helped me purchase my home in Beverly. Throughout the process, she was professional, efficient, and fun! She quickly helped me find properties to visit and set up visits to meet my schedule. She makes herself available a ton, and had answers and advice for all of my questions. I couldn't be happier with the work that she did, and I recommend her without reservations. Get yourself a real estate broker like mine! You will not be disappointed!

  • 5.0 star rating

    Having recently moved out of the city, I was unable to take care of renting my condo myself. Lori Dake came through like a pro among pros! All "I's" dotted, all "T's" crossed! She took care of everything from beginning to end and kept me in the loop at every turn..

    Seriously, I've worked in real estate so I've known my share of realtors. Lori is easily among the most conscientious, professional, and thorough agents I've EVER worked with - and the fact that was was a long distance business venture (for me) made her attention to detail that much more welcome. I couldn't possibly recommend her highly enough.

    Lori, from my family to yours, thank you! You really came through.

    Comment from Nick K. of Kale Realty
    Business Owner
    6/7/2017 Hi Wil,

    Thank you for sharing your experience of working with Lori Dake. I passed this over to her…
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  • 5.0 star rating

    My interaction with Kale was great right from the start. I worked with broker, Allen Ng, and couldn't be more satisfied. He sent me a response within minutes of my inquiry email which was much appreciated as I had an expedited timeline. Allen was extremely friendly, professional, and truly listened to what I was in the market for. He patiently drove me around to several showings and helped me lock down a studio in the city. Moving can often be stressful. Do yourself a favor - contact Kale and ask for Allen!

    Comment from Nick K. of Kale Realty
    Business Owner
    6/7/2017 Hi Norman,

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience of working with Allen. We really appreciate it!
  • 1.0 star rating

    Did not care for them as landlords of my building. Kale bought the building I was renting an apartment in. I think they did a very poor job of taking care of it. The previous landlord was on top of maintenance and keeping it clean. It seems the only time Kale would do anything was if someone complained. The hallway was painted, I'll give them that much. But they left painters tape on the railing and carpeting on the stairs, there were gouges and holes in the drywall that never got fixed, I think a couple small blood stains, and they did nothing to keep it clean. The firsts year I renewed my lease with them, they raised my rent $30 for a tiny one bedroom apartment which is a higher increase than I've ever paid anywhere. The second year they raised it $50. I decide after that I would be finding somewhere else to live. When I first informed them via telephone that I would not be renewing my lease, I had to leave a voicemail. I got no response. At no point did they ask about what they could do to get me to stay. I just never heard back about it. I then sent an email and still got no response. I also sent a note with my final rent payment, and again got no response, until I got a call from them about two weeks before I moved, saying they wanted to show my place while I was still in there and had my stuff in there. I checked my lease, and sure enough there was something they slipped in there saying they have a right to show it while I'm still there. I insisted on being home at the time because I didn't want strangers being in what was still my home with all my belongings in there, while I'm not there. I gave them my work schedule with a list of days and times I'd be available. I get a voice mail from Jeremy saying I need to be more cooperative and flexible with them. It's my work schedule! I returned his call explaining that I can't change my work schedule, but I never heard back from him again.  Finally agreed on a day, through someone named Colin who was actually nice, and I'm told maybe 20 people will becoming to see my apartment that day. There were a total of 4 that saw it. They wanted to schedule another day for more people to see it, I gave them a couple more days, but never heard back before I moved out. Someone else went to see the place after I moved out, and was informed that the rent is now $75 more than what I was paying, and that 3 months rent were required up front. At this point, no work had been done to improve the apartment, or the hallway, so the person passed on it. They charge way too much for the places they rent and they seem very unprofessional to deal with. You'd be better off looking for a different realty company, I know I'd certainly not want to deal with them again.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Just wanted to write in and say I really liked Dave Bovyn as my broker for my Lombard home sale. I understand he's the boss over at Kale, and I can understand why! He was awesome every step of the way. I would recommend him to anyone looking for an attentive realtor. Thanks, Dave!

    Comment from Nick K. of Kale Realty
    Business Owner
    9/9/2016 Peter - glad Dave did a great job for you, although we're not surprised. Thanks for letting us know!

  • 5.0 star rating

    Worked with Eliana Smaglinski to close on my condo last week and cannot recommend her highly enough. Eliana is truly professional and represents trust, hard-work, and efficiency. She worked with me through the hunt for a condo, the inspections, the lawyer reviews and the negotiations.
    She made the process very easy for me and she is a delight to work with.
    Eliana is extremely knowledgable about the Chicago area and always has an accurate answer to any question posed to her. Again, cannot recommend her highly enough.

    Comment from Nick K. of Kale Realty
    Business Owner
    9/9/2016 Wow! Thank you so much - we will pass these kind words over to Eliana!

  • 4.0 star rating

    Who the hell likes to move!?!? Not me. Even worse, Who the hell likes to have a vacant apartment in Chicago, or end up with a deadbeat tenant?!?! Not I, McFly! I was greatful that one of Kale Realty's brokers called me to list my vacant apartment for rent and to distribute to all the real estate agents in Chicago, as well as working with their clients to fill my vacancy.

    I was very pleased with the amount of people that they had inquire about, and apply for my vacant unit. I normally try and do it myself, but this past year, I was on the road a lot for work, and couldn't drive over there at the drop of a hat to show it, and end up getting stood up by a caller who wanted to see it.

    In the end, they were able to bring me a qualified tenant, they were able to show me their rental history, prior eviction history, gave me their credit worthyness, and were done within 2 business days.

    I haven't had to use them again, since I don't have any vacant apartments, but if I get stuck in a jam again, I am going to have to line it up again.

    My only complaint is that they don't have office hours on Saturdays. Sometimes, it is a pain in the arss to go to the South Loop during the week with traffic. If they opened on Saturdays, people could stumble over there for their apartment search and avoid traffic.

  • 5.0 star rating

    Victor Canelas has helped me find a studio to rent and after a couple of years he also helped me with the purchase of my first apartment. I am highly satisfied with his service, he is someone who I can entirely trust, always willing to give the extra mile for his customers. The information and tools he provided helped me make an informed decision and I highly appreciated his patience.

    Comment from Nick K. of Kale Realty
    Business Owner
    6/7/2017 Hi Jorge,

    We're so happy Victor did a great job for you. We like him, too! :)
  • 5.0 star rating

    Horacio helped me find an apartment in the West loop.  He was very knowledgeable, friendly, and professional.  I ended up renting a great place that I had not seen in the endless hours I spent looking at Craigslist ads.

    Comment from Nick K. of Kale Realty
    Business Owner
    9/9/2016 Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for letting us know that Horacio did a great job! We'll make sure he sees this. Have…
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  • 5.0 star rating

    When I moved to Chicago I was referred to Nick Patterson to help me find a new home. Nick worked with my budget and I closed on my condo 15 days later. I've bough and sold a few homes before (in different cities) so I know a good Realtor experience from a not-so-good one. Nick is GREAT. Probably no coincidence his firm has been around so long and has so many realtors!

  • 5.0 star rating

    I worked with Debi Drake Real Estate Managing Broker at Kale Realty.  She was an absolute treasure.  It was my first time purchasing a home and she made the experience easy.  She was always available to answer any questions I had (morning, noon, and night).  She offered her excellent expertise, and gave me her support throughout the experience.  I would strongly recommend Debi Drake if your looking to purchase a home.

    Comment from Nick K. of Kale Realty
    Business Owner
    9/9/2016 Hi Courtney,

    So glad to hear that Debi took good care of you. She always does! :)

  • 1.0 star rating

    Warning! The prices listed for units are NOT what they actually are. Kale Realty listed a 4bd 2bath on Ridge/Church in Evanston for $1,700 as of this morning (crazy low price if you know the area as I do). When I asked to see it I rec'd an email asking for my personal info and they did not respond to any of my questions about the actual property.

    Turns out the actual price is $2,580 (same unit but listed by Renturway). I took screenshots of both ads in case they try and claim this is not true.

  • 1.0 star rating
    3/1/2014 Updated review

    Fellow Yelpers and Reviewers, please DON'T be mislead by Nick Patterson's response.  It is completely inaccurate and I stand by my opinion.  He has been harassing me via e-mail since I posted this and I guess he wants to take his inaccurate account of events to Yelp.  And, by the way, Kale Realty has not been in business since 1951 - he filed an LLC for Kale Realty in 2007 - using his Grandfather's last name.  

    So here goes my response to his comments...

    First, I will respond to the part that he posted in which he cut and pasted only a portion of an e-mail - that suited him - where I inquired who to ask for in his absence the day I would pick up the keys, what he failed to show you is that he actually responded to me with this:

    "Hi Hope


    Swing by 548 Roosevelt and then we'll head next door to meet Saul and get the keys.
    He works next to me

    See you tomorrow"

    But he never showed up and no one in the office had a clue about anything.  

    Second, my agent Travis has no idea I am posting my opinion on Yelp.  So your comments about his company encouraging me to post this further supports my bad opinion of you.   That only leads me to believe that is something you would do??

    Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to respond below to your numbered Yelp comments.  ENJOY!

    It appears that you have a very selective memory.  You can probably tell that I have not written many yelps ever - just the two times that I have had completely terrible experiences - have I posted to share with others who might need to know.  

    Below is my response to the Yelp statements made:

    1).  The rent of 1.5 months was never mentioned to me until the 11th hour after ALL negotiations were finished.  I was surprised when you asked because it was never part of the deal.  First months rent and a security deposit/last months rent is standard course of business for rental.  And I do consider 1.5 months to be "two months rent" because that would be the first two months I would be living in the unit.  I only ended up sending the second month's rent because Travis begged me and I felt bad for the guy.  I never asked to start the rent on the 15th, that was suggested to me by Travis (who was informed by you).  My move date was very up in the air at that point so I was open and flexible to any suggestions.  Posting the lease or information contained in the lease has nothing to do with this discussion so I'm not sure why that would even matter.

    2).  My first contact with you was actually January 8th.  But that has nothing to do with what is going on here.  I was communicating with you from the beginning through my agent Travis, who I trust.  

    3). Again, this is completely untrue.  And you know this because I privately forwarded a message you sent to me (also see same message above) wherein you said you would be in the office.  I did refer to paying the rent because I was unable to get the keys to my apartment without paying you.  Of course I opposed to this through Travis and his exact words back to me after relying my message were "Nick is not having it" - meaning you were not willing to discuss my issues with having to pay the second's months' rent directly to your company and not my landlord, and prior to move in.  I did not mail the second month's rent previously on purpose because I did not want you to have my money until I was forced to do so.  Therefore I had no choice and corresponded appropriately as any professional would.  

    I did get a great apartment at the appropriate market rate.  Nothing more, nothing less.  It was not because you did anything to make it happen, it was all Travis.  Oh, and I did not get the keys a "few days early".  I got the keys late morning on January 14th, the day before my lease started.  So I got the keys about 12 hours early...

    I am not interested in taking down my Yelp because it is true.  You were demanding and hard to deal with.  Just the fact alone that you wouldn't allow me to speak with the owners puts you in "sleazy" territory.  I own my condo in Boston and it took all of about 1 day to do all negotiations and sign the lease.  And his agent suggested he call me and we all worked everything out together.

    Please let this go and hopefully you will learn to be nicer and more appreciative of others time and energy.  Please do us both a favor and lose my e-mail address.

    1.0 star rating
    2/6/2014 Previous review
    I have to start by saying I did not actually engage their services at Kale, but did not have a… Read more
  • 1.0 star rating

    This company is a joke. I am renting from Kale reality and after I moved I was told that there is only ONE maintenance staff for 18 buildings they own. I have called several times to report maintenance issues and would not have a return call for several days. When you complain to the landlord Jeremy about these issues he would always say "it will be taking care of" but of course nothing happens. I have never experience such disorganized unprofessional business in my life. Please get it together!!

  • 5.0 star rating

    We recently sold our house in Oak Park, IL thanks to Dave Bovyn of Kale Realty.  He did a great job at marketing our house and keeping us calm when we were getting antsy about traffic.  Dave priced our house well and an offer came within two weeks of putting our house on the market.  Would definitely recommend Dave and Kale Realty.

    Comment from Nick K. of Kale Realty
    Business Owner
    2/11/2016 Hi Lauren - glad to hear that Dave did a great job! Thanks!
  • 5.0 star rating

    My opinion that KaleREALTY is competent and caring is due entirely to my experience with one of their agents, Kevin Mueller.

    He was an outstanding help to me as someone who is new to the city and very particular about what I was looking for in an apartment. My search had been going on for about a month, and I'd bounced from realtor to realtor UNTIL I finally, luckily, got in touch with Kevin.

    He actually found me the perfect apartment for the perfect price. I never would have found it myself, or even known it existed, were it not for Kevin. The other realtors I worked with who were told the same about what I was looking for didn't think to show me what is now my home.

    As a side note, he was never aggressive or pushy with me when I didn't like something. I've experienced something akin to bullying from desperate agents who just want to close on something with you and get their commission and move on to the next. When I told Kevin I didn't like something, he just said "Ok, let's keep looking" and found me more options.

    Kevin was a property manager for a while before moving into real estate and he also helped me ask the right questions of the landlord and even after the contract was signed and his commission locked in, he was offering me help finding the best cable/internet options and asked if I needed any assistance coordinating the move.

    I think he genuinely cares, and it shows in the kind of results he gets.

  • 5.0 star rating

    There are some very genuine and dedicated agents here!!!! You'll be in trusting hands and you will feel a relief with how helpful these guys are. Reese Hatchell was my agent and she was extremely helpful. She was personable and understood what I was looking for. She was responsive and she was very flexible with showing times.

    Wolfgang was also very helpful in assisting with a showing.

    My first agent was Motasim. Avoid him, he'll tell you that your application was sent through even though it was probably not processed.

    Go with Reese!!!

  • 5.0 star rating

    I recently relocated to Chicago from out of state and Colin from Kale realty made the apartment hunting experience seamless and as stressfree as possible.  He was available and responsive with an easy-going personality that truly accommodated what I was looking for but represented my interests when negotiating with the apartment building.  I had met with 2 other realtors from other companies and he was by far the best fit.  I recently also recommended him to friends to sublease their apartment and are always pleased with him.

    Comment from Nick K. of Kale Realty
    Business Owner
    10/27/2015 Thank you for letting us know about your experience with Colin! We'll pass this along to him.
  • 5.0 star rating

    Very professional agency that set me up with a great realtor. Made my experience so easy and enjoyable.  Highly recommend Kale.

    Comment from Nick K. of Kale Realty
    Business Owner
    10/27/2015 Glad our realtor helped you - let us know if you need any future assistance!
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