The Fourth Village of Tokakeriby
Tomb Raider Story competition

The challenge was to write a short story of 1000-10,000 words
inspired by the world of Lara Croft, Tomb Raider.


It's best that writers stick to the official canon regarding Lara, which, for example, can be found at Wikipedia or Wiki Raider. Sex and swear words of a sexual nature are probably best avoided, but shooting natives and endangered species whilst destroying historical sites is probably OK for the purposes of fiction. Entries may lose marks may if Lara is portrayed out of character. We especially welcome stories not only from newbies but also from the more established TR writers. There is no age limit, but no allowance will be made for either extreme youth or extreme old age when stories are being judged. The story can either be an original piece of work or a story published elsewhere. Please enter only one story per author.

(By the way, when the competition closes this page will be moving to its new site, and the, and links will be redirected automatically. So the closure of Geocities will not be noticable, hopefully.)

The winner;

DIY by Harmoniad


Harmoniad chose the AoD Board Game as a prize

In second place;
The Road To Angkor by Jenni Milward

And in third place;
Into The Eitr by Tisa Rahman

The other entries (in alphabetical order) were;

Fait Accompli by Mason Sylvia

Hunger by AKKON

The Diary Of A Research Assistant by Beth Hamilton

The Quest For Skirnir's Sword by Natasha Harmse

Trail Of A Dead Man by Tom and Susan Malloy

Treachery by Rachel Perkins

Truth or Dare by Neil Burns

Thanks and congratulations to everybody who entered!

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Eric Lindstrom

- Writer and former Creative Director at Crystal Dynamics

Tim Radley

- Winner of the First Village of Tokakeriby competition

Acid Rush

- Winner of the Third Village of Tokakeriby competition

James Watson

- Editor, Tales of Lara Croft Fanzine (


The deadline for entries was June 22nd 2009.


The "lucky" winning author was allowed to choose one of the following bits
of retro tat to take home and treasure for ever;

Lara Croft
The Album!
Watch out boys, as Rhona Mitra raps her way to stardom!

Angel of Darkness
The Board Game!
Almost twice as good as the PS2 version! Probably.

Ye Olde TR Booke
From 2002 AD!
A genuine antique, inscribed on vellum substitute!

Even more fabulously, the winning story will be illustrated
and published in Issue 7 of 'Tales of Lara Croft'.

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Short afterword from Ostercy

Looking at the results again, there are some positives to take from them (alongside the commiserations for the people who didn't win). The competitors were from the wordwide community; the third place winner, for example - Tisa Rahman - is from Bangladesh. It's also great that Jenni Milward (Greenkey) not only entered but came second, given that she is the doyenne of fan fic at TRF. We also seemed to have a range of ages represented, although not many men. I feel as if the competition crossed various boundaries - for example, we had both classical TR themes and themes inspired by the most recent TR games.

I hope that the writers who didn't win aren't too discouraged or down-hearted. They should congratulate themselves for having the guts to enter in the first place, IMO. On the whole all of the entries were of a high quality.

I like to thank the judges again for agreeing to take part and for their hard work.

NOTICE: Lara Croft, her likeness, and the Tomb Raider games are the copyright of EIDOS Interactive.
There is no challenge to these copyrights intended by this competition, as it was a non-sanctioned, unofficial event.