Why Linux is good for Network and security???? Reason Explained

As many people have heard that the Linux is never infected by the virus and it is best operating system for Network and security purposes is this conditions really the same. 

It is very much misconception that the Linux OS is never infected by the virus.  Actually the fact is that no company creates the virus for the Linux. This is because the Linux OS users are very small as compared to other operating system. The ratio of the Linux users is almost 1:9 with the windows users. This indicates that among 10 people only 1 person is using the Linux and rest are using Windows. That’s why due to low availability of the users the hackers always target the large mob instead of targeting that small crowd of Linux.               
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Mainly what happens the motive of the virus manufacturer is that to infect the other person’s network or OS and steal the information. So instead of creating the different virus for different OS they target the OS that is been mostly used and in our case it is the windows. Almost 80 %of the people use the windows 10% people use the Linux OS and remaining other uses the other OS such as Mac etc.

This is the one of the reason why many hackers, programmers, servers and big database companies uses Linux as there operating system.      
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The reason behind the less number of people using the Linux OS is that the Linux OS is very hard to control. It does not provide an easy to use interface for the users due to this it requires certain prior knowledge before operating the Linux. Basically the Linux OS very hard to install and it is irrecoverable which means that it can damage the hard disk, processors and other components if the installation is not done in proper manner.  
Whatever may be the reason Linux is the best OS in case of network and security.      
Linux logoThis is the one most important feature or we can as the advantage of the Linux. The other and the most important benefit of the Linux is that it does not get slower with the time.  As you might have observed that windows operating system becomes slower as the windows gets older and at the end of the extreme point the windows operating system either gets corrupted or you yourself load a fresh OS. 
But this is not the case with the Linux OS. Linux only gets corrupted due to the human intervention.  Otherwise it can last lifetime.    
Pear os Linux logoIf we talk about the internet security, Linux provides the best internet security. It protects online users from the malware's  and the Trojan horse. As we all know that Linux is an open sources software so it gives a better support to all open source software like open source browser Mozilla Firefox etc.

Hope you have understood the concept behind Linux security. If you have any comments do write in comment section below.


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