Issue 05
: Attune...ment (on generation)

What exactly constitutes a generation? Do these uncertain, shaky times call for a negotiation and redefinition of this term? And, if it is still interesting to bring this term to the table, how do different generations relate and talk to each other? How are we to attune ourselves to other voices, viewpoints, different horizons of experience? Attunement (on generation) interrogates the meaning of generation today. The contributions of this issue reflect a general desire to create a common space – through writing, thinking and making art – in which to meet other generations (of thinkers, artists, friends, relatives), share knowledge, recover past experiences, and continue interrupted conversations.

As a remarkable publications, dedicated to bringing together the concerns, desires, and thoughts of different generations of feminists we have also invited the French feminist and entertainment magazine Pétunia, who in turn invited Alphabet Prime, to contribute to this issue.

Table of Contents