Blackness Castle

an Historic Scotland site (see also Cairnpapple and nearby Preceptory, Torphichen)

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Rosie, Jim and kite. 

 Inverted thermal image 1 Nov 2011 (see below)


A flying visit to Blackness Castle with the

Edinburgh Young Archaeologists' Club

June 2010

Looking south west. The wall of the dovecot can be seen at the top of the image.   KAP
Mirjam, Jeremy and Noah, from Melbourne, greeted the camera as it came in to land.
Craig Fletcher with club members.   Pole aerial photo 
Note that the hill behind the castle and surrounding area is typical of a motte and bailey castle site and has been suggested as the site of a redoubt.  Kite Aerial photo
Part of the above image. Club members flying their kites.
Looking north-east.  KAP
   Edinburgh Young Archaeologists' Club members with Jim launching his kite, John with a pole and Rosie flying the kite and camera that took this photo.
Some pole aerial photos are more obvious than others :o)

May 2010

Jim Knowles
Jim Knowles
Jim Knowles
The remains of a Dovecot.

Jim Knowles

As above.
Jim Knowles



Kite aerial photography prior to a resistance survey of the

field to the immediate south-west of the castle

The area looks interesting but details may be obscured by features from more recent times.

 If you can provide any information please e-mail rosiewestlothianarchaeology.org.uk

August 2010

Jim Knowles
Jim Knowles

Jim Knowles

This kite aerial photo shows Jim's kite setup taking the photos shown below in black and white. The foreground has been selected and digitally processed.

Jim Knowles

Jim Knowles

Jim Knowles


Resistance survey of the

field to the immediate south-west of the castle

9 -10 October 2010

Jim and Rosie on the first 20x20m grid.
Cade, Jim and John on one of the ten 20x20 metre grids that were surveyed by Jim.


We would like to thank Historic Scotland for their help and Falkirk Council for permission to carry out the survey.

Kite Aerial Thermography

1 November 2011

Jim Knowles

Visible spectrum image taken previously. August 2010

Kite aerial thermal image of the above view but from a much lower angle.

This small feature lies between the two (north-south) parallel lines which are immediately east of the bench (top left with Rosie).



As above, but mapped with a colour gradient.



Looking to the left of the above image (westwards) towards the large circular feature (Jim, flying the kite, is visible at the top).




A feature near the foot of the mound, visible in the resistance data. (Note the rubbish bin top left)



As above, but looking directly towards the mound, with the ruin visible on top.

(Note the rubbish bin lower left)

Conditions were far from ideal, with the grass wet and the air temperature stable. Further less oblique thermal images will be produced from a higher altitude for direct comparison with the resistance data.


1 Nov 2011