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BIML Workshop

Business Intelligence Markup Language – or BIML – is a great option to automate the production of SSIS packages in your BI department. This has some great advantages:

  • You can greatly reduce the time necessary to create SSIS Packages
  • You can more easily adapt changes to your SSIS Packages
  • It is less error prone

I have written extensively about BIML and presented on the subject at SQL Bits.

Head Start

To give you an head start with data warehouse automation using BIML contact us for a 2 days intensive workshop. This workshop will be focused on your environment, using your ETL-framework and your tables we will start developing the solution and train your staff to be able to finish and maintain it.


  • Price: 2.500 EURO (excluding VAT and travel expenses)
  • Group-size: Maximum of 2
  • Language: Dutch or English
  • Location: At your company (in your country)

About BIML

You can leverage BIML to automate the creation of Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Packages. BIML is a creation of Varigence, Inc. and is available in proprietary products, open source projects, and has been published as an open language specification. The popular open source BIDSHelper project includes Biml functionality, enabling anyone to write and execute Biml code for free.