Data Recovery

We are specialists in hard drive recovery and raid data recovery from all types of servers, virtual mchine, NAS, DAS and SAN. Data recovered from laptops desktop computers, Memory cards, phones, tablets, tapes and most legacy hardware - whatever data you have lost, we can get it back.

Hard drive and RAID data recovery specialists.
free diagnosis and a no recovery - no fee policy.

Hard drive recovery

Hard disk recovery

Hard disk data recovery from all manufacturers of hard disk and Solid State Devices (SSD). Data recovery from laptop and desktop systems. Data recovery from external hard disks.

Raid Recovery

Raid Recovery

Data recovery for RAID systems. Servers, Storage Area network (SAN), Direct Attached Storage(DAS). from all operating systems and all manufacturers including HP, Dell, IBM, Fujitsu.

NAS Recovery

NAS Recovery

Nas data recovery, for Qnap, Synology systems, Netgear ReadyNAS, Netgear SC101 systems, Buffalo Nas boxes, Drobo 'Beyond RAID' specialist recovery.

Mobile Phone Recovery

We can recover data from mobile phones, dead, broken fire damaged. advanced chip-off recovery and JTAG.

Tape Recovery

Tape recovery

Data recovered from inaccessible and failed tape systems. All formats recovered, Travan, Ultrium LTO, AIT and from the major backup software, NTBackup, Backup Exec, Arcserve, etc.

Memory Card Recovery

Data recovery from memory cards. USB Sticks and key drives, photo cards of all shapes and sizes - Compact Flash, SD cards, MicroSD cards, recovery from many monolithic devices also available. Advanced 'chip-off' technology for all memory sticks and photo cards.

Data Recovery
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