Remote Support

Remote Assistance for PC and Mac

Sometimes the best way to fix a problem is to have someone show you how. TeamViewer Remote Assistance is a convenient way for someone you trust, such as a friend or technical support person, to connect to your computer and walk you through a solution—even if that person isn't nearby. To help ensure that only people you invite can connect to your computer using TeamViewer Remote Assistance, all sessions are encrypted and password protected.

With the help of Remote Assistance we can solve your problem easy and quick. This means that we can connect to your computer and visually show you how the problem is solved without the complexity of only explaining it over the phone. It is like we are right next to you at your home or in your office!

Advantages:convenient, cost less, faster service and a secure system trusted and used by millions of residents and organizations around the world.

TeamViewer is a secure system using 256 bit encryption guaranteeing a full client-to-client data protection. In addition, the system generates a session password and ID that changes with every newsession, to provide additional security against unauthorised access to a Remote System.

To start a remote cession usingTeamViewer7, go to: or download Teamviewer7 and follow the Step-By-Step Instructions. Please call TECHhelp, one of our technicians will be happy to assist you.

If you already have TeamViewer7 installed, please run it and give the technician your user ID andPassword.

- Computer Freezing Up
- Virus Removal
- Installation of Anti-Virus/Firewall
- Internet Connections / Security
- Configuring Firewalls
- Configuring Security Software
- Windows Updates
- Reinstall Windows
- Upgrade to Windows Vista, 7, or 8
- Repair .dll Messages
- Remove Popup Ads
- Slow Performance
- Backup Hard Drive, iPod, or iPhone
- Can't Connect to Internet (not ISP)
- Unable to Browse Certain Websites
- Windows “Blue Screen of Death”
- Printer Installation
- Can't Print, Scan, or Send Fax
- Microsoft Office Problems
- Setup of Outlook
- Can't Sending Bulk Emails
- Can't Send / Receive Emails
- Setup Email Clients
- Can't Download / Install Software
- Wireless Internet Setup
- Wireless Printer Setup
- Setup / Configure PC or Laptop
- Support for Older OS ex. Win 98/Me/2k
- Help Using a Digital Camera with your PC
- Help Printing Photos from a Digital Camera
- Configuring Ports / Routers to Enhance Security
- Parental Control Setup
- Support for Configuring Security Software
Support hotline available 24/7.



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2013-10-15, 04:50
My computer was infected with Virus. TECHhelp saved me lots of time and money by fixing my PC Remotely over the Internet. I did not have to unplug my … read more
2013-10-15, 05:10
I have known Al Lewis at TECHhelp for three years, and he has been doing all of our IT support during that time. He always responds quickly and … read more
2013-10-15, 04:51
Great service!
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