You can get help troubleshooting your PC software challenges or get answers to your “how to” questions. We will help get your computer and connected devices up and running smoothly.
Service Includes:

  • Application or Software installation or troubleshooting for common software titles that function as:
    • Internet browsers
    • Email Programs
    • Personal Finance
    • Productivity software
    • Picture and Movie editing software assistance
    • Operating System and Software installation
  • Set up and customization
    • Computer or Network Errors
    • Wired and wireless network setup
    • Connect printer/fax/scanner
  • Tips and Tricks – get assistance learning
    • How to perform data backup
    • How to connect to the internet
    • How to transfer files to your new computer
    • How to install recommended patches/ fixes
    • How to personalize your desktop
  • Securing and Protecting your data
    • Help with basic configuration and installation of key security software (purchased separately by Customer)
    • Help setting up virus scans and personal firewalls.

Phone Support and Remote Assistance

Our Phone Support technology experts have visibility into all the latest technology challenges and resolution. With a personal touch these technology experts will help keep your PC connected and productive. Agents will walk you through the resolution steps over the phone or they can access your computer remotely and do it for you. Support through online chat or email may also be available if preferred.
Support hotline available 24/7.



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2013-10-15, 04:50
My computer was infected with Virus. TECHhelp saved me lots of time and money by fixing my PC Remotely over the Internet. I did not have to unplug my … read more
2013-10-15, 05:22
Alison at TECHhelp was a perfect fit for us. He reduced so much of the administrative headache of running a business because he fix problems quickly, … read more
2013-10-15, 05:10
I have known Al Lewis at TECHhelp for three years, and he has been doing all of our IT support during that time. He always responds quickly and … read more
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