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Mast Climbers

Mast climbers are renowned in the construction industry for their ability to cut costs, increase productivity and improve worker safety.

Mast climbers have a larger more versatile work platform, have a greater load capacity, and can go much higher than Elevating Work Platforms. Unlike EWPs they are stationary, not self propelled, and can be free-standing to 20 m, after which they are tied in or anchored to the building.

The mast climber's unique rack and pinion design allows workers to be positioned at any height, regardless of weather, for jobs such as external maintenance or construction of structures at almost any height.

Our mast climbers of choice are Scanclimber and Alimak Hek which are strong and versatile. Mast climbers offer the following benefits:

  • Mast climbers are renowned for their safety, solid construction and ergonomic working height.
  • Scanclimber mast climbers feature less anchor points and maximum free access.
  • Mast climbers' long work platforms improve efficiency when working on wide facades.
  • Mast climbers are quick and easy to erect and dismantle, maximising productivity.
  • Mast climbers can be adjusted in both length and width, with alterations only needing to be carried out once.
  • Mast climbers can be free-standing up to 20m, and can be repositioned if you need to move your platform.

Mast climbers can be configured as single or twin mast platforms, adjusted in length or width and can be installed by HiReach up to heights of 100m. Platforms can be adjusted in width and length to 31.4m.

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Material Hoists

In addition to mast climbers, HiReach also offers Alimak Hek and Scanclimber man and material hoists (also known as a builder's hoist or construction hoist) which have the following benefits:

  • Hoists allow you to safely take a day's equipment and materials up with you.
  • Hoists can be flexible in both length and width, with alterations only needing to be carried out once.
  • Hoists are quick and easy to erect and dismantle, maximising productivity.
  • Alimak Hek Hoists and Scanclimber Hoists feature less anchor points and maximum free access.

Swing Stages

As well as Mast Climbers and Hoists, HiReach also offers swinging stages from our Gold Coast branch.  Once swinging stages are installed, they can save you time and money, by giving your men access to the ideal working height in just minutes, at the push of a button. Our swinging stage fleet is thoroughly inspected, maintained and installed by an experienced team.

Mast Climber and Construction Hoist Uses

Mast climbers and hoists are popular for external renovations and painting, hotel facade cladding work, office building glazing or cleaning, bridge construction or maintenance, in lift shafts, ship yards, power plants and more. For these types of uses mast climbers and hoists are about as versatile as you'll find.

Mast Climber Hire Brisbane

Contact us today or call 1300 661 500 for mast climber hire around Australia, Queensland, in Brisbane, or on the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast. We’ll be able to advise you on the best application possibilities, logistics, safety, loading and operation of machines, configuration and control. Or, take a look at our mast climber hire range below.

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Mast Climber Specifications

Photo Product Name Max Height Platform length capacity Free standing height Distance between anchors Weight basic unit Full Spec Book Now
Alimak MS2450 Single 100m 7.00m / 400kg na 6m 1472kg
Alimak MS2450 Twin 100m 24.60m / 550kg na 6m 1472kg x2
Scanclimber SC1300 Single 100m 10.50m / 700kg 20m 18.50m 3500kg
Scanclimber SC1300 Twin 100m 18.30m / 1700kg 20m 18.50m 3500kg x2
Scanclimber SC4000 Single 100m 13.75m / 900kg 15m 18.50m 4000kg
Scanclimber SC4000 Twin 100m 31.40m / 2065kg 15m 18.50m 4000kg x2
Scanclimber SC5000 Single 100m 16.90m / 1000kg 20m 18.50m 4000kg
Scanclimber SC5000 Twin 100m 40.60m / 1500kg 20m 18.50m 4000kg x2

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* Exact weights should be confirmed