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I'm SQL and I'll be your server tonight. May I join your tables together?

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Are you ready for karma? Because you're about to be flooded with karma.

Edit: unless people don't check notifications anymore...

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Bobby? Bobby Tables? Could you check on that table of students over there?

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That's a reference to this, for anybody who doesn't get this.

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To be honest, I doubt anyone on this sub hasn't seen that xkcd yet. And if you haven't, I guess you're one of today's lucky 10,000.

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Okay, I bought some Diet Coke and Mentos. Now what?

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A SQL query walks into a bar. He goes up to two tables and asks, "may I join you?".

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I know an even better joke.

A database engineer walks into a restaurant with some friends, but the table is not big enough for all of them. So he asks an employee "Can I join those tables?"



But seriously, your joke is almost exactly the same as /u/MetaMemeAboutAMeme's joke.

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Be prepared for some injection

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You can KRACK my WPA2 Baby

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Select anything from our finest menu. And if you are really hungry, might I recommend the *.

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I especially like the Prairie Dog photobomb in the background.

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wait for the drop

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UPDATE upvotes SET count=1000 WHERE user=TahJones

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Get some tick marks around that string. Oh, and you updated the wrong user.

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UPDATE upvotes SET count=(SELECT count FROM upvotes WHERE user='TagJones') WHERE user='TahJones'
UPDATE upvotes SET count=1000 WHERE user='TagJones'

The database admin will never know...

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...subquery returned more than one result... lol

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Lol Ta'H'Jones got karma for nothing

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I'm tired of trying to keep up with the Jones's.

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The T-Jones

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Mr. T-Jones. "I pity the fool who tries to keep up with me!"

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Should’ve used a transaction so you could rollback :)

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D-D-D-D-D-D-' DROP TABLE bass; --

heavy part ensues

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A SQL query walks into a bar and sees 2 table. He walk up to them and says ‘Can I join you’?

Then a waitress walks up and says ‘Nice View’.

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And then Bobby walks in and says "are you ladies ready for an injection?".

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Then the entire bar disappears

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My eyes are burning what did I just see.

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Welcome to everyone who got the notification

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Huh I was expecting a SQL waiter/server with his data bass (fish) on a platter ready to serve to clients.

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I felt the fish was gonna be here too

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Who else is here from reddit notifications?

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It's not hard to turn them off. I agree they're useless but not mandatory

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damn is that a warwick

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It's a Samick. I have a Samick artist series I got when I was 10, it's orange and magical.

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Alright Skrillex


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His favorite genre is ACID rock.

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He's a rebel and in to non-compliance.

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5 string, would mosh

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I love this, being a bassist and programmer myself

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Lucky you're not a dj, otherwise ur databases would drop a lot

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Do you also look like you’ll never kiss a girl?

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I think I look good enough to be able to kiss a girl 😂

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I never understood why bass is pronounced like base. It should be pronounced like b-ass.

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Notification squad where you at?

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Do you work at TelAmeriCorp?

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Got a slow performance query.

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It's time for your insulin injection.

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Careful with that dataBass you may drop it, you dont have any supporting hardware (strap).

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You're exactly what we're looking for at our company, a programming rockstar.

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And here I thought my puns were bad

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Exactly the kind of costume I would expect from a MSSQL DBA

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Found this in the middle of running a databases lab. Made the last hour way better

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Be honest - how many times did you have to explain that joke?

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Yuck.. Samick bass

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But does it dj0nt?

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Oh the horror

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Hi, I'll be your server this evening. Tonight's special is Parliament Funkadelic's Mothership Connection. It's Bootsie Collins served with a side of Dennis Chambers and a hint of George Clinton. This is one of my favorites and it will definitely funk you up.

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Was expecting this

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Well that was a terrifying experience.

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5 strings huh? Must be smart unlike most bassists.

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5 > 4? I don't know

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Lots of bassists are idiots that are too dumb to play guitar. I can see he is not one of them.

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im ofended i pla bas and im vere smart, dOwNvOtE

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If you got this, you are worthy enough to watch Rick and Morty 😄😑

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Try harder.

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