8 Hilarious (& Useful) Food Lingo Mash-Ups

8 Hilarious Food Word Mash-Ups

Sumami (adj): sabor + umami

Umami, a loan word from the Japanese, describes a savory, brothy flavor that is one of the five basic tastes. Combining it with sabor means that instead of saying “This bacalao has an umami flavor” you can simply say “It’s sumami.” Also, it’s fun to shout: Su-MAMI!

Fable (adj): farm to table

I borrowed this phrase from a writer friend at Men’s Health. Like the above, it mashes up two words that are prolific in the restaurant world, and allows room for an accompanying photo when tweeting about your visit to any farm to table hotspot. For example: “Just ate a Pig Mac at Crop Bistro, my new fave fable resto in CLE! #yum #bacon #hashtag”

Easty (adj): easy + tasty

Moms, a group that is always strapped for time, will appreciate the value of this phrase since it does two things at once (eg tells you a recipe was easy and tasty). Use it to write Pinterest descriptions and comment on food blog posts, as in “I made this easty dish last night and the kids loved it!” 

Churrnolio (noun): churro + cannoli + Oreo

Ok, this food combo doesn’t actually exist, but it should. A churro stuffed with cannoli filling that’s quartered and smashed between two Oreo cookies? Yes, please!

Chempanada (noun): cheese empanada

Empanadas come in several varieties, from chicken to beef to squash blossom and jalapeno. This mash-up makes ordering dinner at your favorite restaurant more efficient, as in “I’ll have the chempanadas followed by a churrnolio and a chocomel latte.” It also proves that everything that starts with “ch” is ridiculish.