Disney/Marvel has done it again and are looking forward to another huge weekend. At this point in time, per Deadline sources, Thor: Ragnarok looks to be making between $12 million-$14 million tonight and on ComScore/Screen Engine’s Post Trak has earned a very rare 5 out of 5 stars from moviegoers. These box office figures do not come from Disney, and as we always footnote they’re subject to fluctuation. We’ll have an official update from the Burbank, CA lot in the morning.

Should Thor: Ragnarok maintain these Thursday night estimates, it will rank above the previews charted by November Marvel titles Thor: The Dark World ($7.1M) and last year’s Doctor Strange ($9.4M). In addition, Thor: Ragnarok‘s Thursday night would outstrip that of Guardians of the Galaxy ($11.2M), Captain America: Winter Soldier ($10.2M) and possibly even Fox/Marvel’s Deadpool ($12.7M).

Thor: Dark World‘s Thursday night repped 22% of its first-day haul of $31.8M before ending its weekend at $85.7M. Doctor Strange‘s Thursday night repped 30% of its first Friday, $31.6M, before posting a FSS of $85.06M. A full 30% of Guardians of the Galaxy’s $37.8M opening day came from its preview night.  Should Thor: Ragnarok‘s Thursday night rep a third of its opening day, it could be looking at a $40M-plus Friday. Tracking has Thor: Ragnarok between $100M-$120M over three days.

Hulk-size PostTrak scores here for the Marvel threequel, which is the label’s third title to play November: Overall positive score of 88%, 28% of all moviegoers vow to see Thor: Ragnarok again in theaters, while another 29% say they’ll buy the film on Blu-ray. Definite recommend is an enormous 84%, with 45% saying the threequel exceeded their expectations. Men over 25 led all moviegoers at 45% followed by females over 25 (26%), men under 25 (16%), and females under 25 (13%). That latter demo loved Thor: Ragnarok the most with a 92% overall positive score.

Tonight’s crowd was split in regards to watching the movie in 3D. Fifty percent of attendees watched Thor: Ragnarok in 2D, 23% saw it on a PLF screen, while 24% sat in Imax theaters. At 94% fresh, Thor: Ragnarok owns the best Rotten Tomatoes grade in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Meanwhile, STXfilms’ A Bad Moms Christmas looks to be taking in around $2M in its second day, down 20% from Wednesday, for a running cume of $4.5M at 3,615 theaters. This is a Friday and Saturday night film when the pic’s hard-core older female demo should come out. It’s highly unusual for an R-rated comedy to open midweek at this time of year, which makes A Bad Moms Christmas difficult to comp.  While the movie earned a B CinemaScore to its first installment’s A, PostTrak is showing an overall 63% positive score with men under 25 (4%) and women under 25 (15%) loving the film the most, respectively, with 88% and 82% positive scores. Females overall rep 67% of the crowd through two days with women over 25 being the prime ticket buyer at 52%. Thirty-five percent of that demo took one friend with them to watch the Mila Kunis-Kristen Bell-Kathryn Hahn comedy, while 19% of them attended with 2-4 friends. A 54% definite recommend here for A Bad Moms Christmas.

t 28% Rotten, A Bad Moms Christmas isn’t a critics’ movie, nor was the first film at 58%.